! UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we will be moving the entire Utah Music Video Awards ONLINE and making the festival FREE to the public!

The Annual Utah Music Awards competition recognizes new and undiscovered musicians around the world at this red carpet event. Meet producers, directors, cinematographers, editor and fellow musicians in Orem Utah. Past winners of the Utah Music Awards have gone on to collaborate with some of the biggest artist today. Previous winners include: Lindsey Sterling, Shaun Canon, Nathan Osmond, and dozens more.

Each category is awarded on Utah Music Award trophy and receive several professional photos of the event.

Rules & Regulations

We're always at your disposal. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact our customer service (WorkmanProductions@gmail.com). You can also call us at +1 (801) 472.7702.

A separate fee is applicable for each category selection when entering for Single categories. If you are submitting more than one entry, send only one payment for the total amount of all your entry fees. We accept credit card payment through FilmFreeway.com. Currency must be in US dollars.

Refund Policy: Because entries will have been processed and entered into the system, no refunds will be granted.


To be eligible for the 2021 competition, entries must have been first produced, released, exhibited, screened, aired or shown online between January 31, 2019 and the deadline.


Select the category that most closely relates to your submission's type of genre. There is an entry fee for each category you enter. Individual entries are evaluated for their intrinsic merits – without comparing them with others. An evaluation rubric is available at WorkmanProductions.com. Each entry is, in effect, in competition with itself, and is measured by our international award-winning jury of experts using an industry-accepted standard of excellence. Submissions from past years are not eligible for this year.

A musician may enter multiple achievements in a category if the achievements are for different programs.

The award committee reserves the right to increase the number of nominees in any category.

The award committee reserves the right to not have ANY nominees in a category if the work submitted does not reach our level of excellence.
See Categories listing for definitions and additional explanations.


Finalists will be announced Aug 10th and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony held at The Rise in Orem Utah September 2020. Press releases will be sent to international wire services and to the trades. A laureate will be sent to winning contacts following the awards presentation. Utah Music Awards ® winners may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they are a Utah Music Awards ® winner and, for one year after the award was bestowed, may use a replica of the Utah Music Awards ® award or the Utah Music Awards ® logo in such advertising. A ® registration mark must accompany the use of the award.

Tickets are available for purchase on FilmFreeway.

Mailing Trophies
We anticipate not all winners will be present at the award ceremony to receive their award. Winners that would like their trophy mailed to them are required contact the organizers, provide a current mailing address and pay all shipping fees.

Physical Media
If you are mailing us physical media such as a hard drive, or Blu-ray Disc and would like to have them returned after the festival, please provide the necessary packaging and pre-paid postage so we can slip it into the mail immediately following the conclusion of the festival. The festival will NOT return physical media at the festivals cost.


When submitting your credits, be aware that if your entry is a winner the name of the category, and title of the entry will appear on the award which is given to each winning entry. We also include the year of the competition. Finalists, when notified, will be given the opportunity to update and correct credits. However, if no corrections are made, credits listed during the entry process will be considered the credits of record.


Promotional materials submitted may be displayed, shown, for educational and/or promotional purposes as Workman Productions® deems appropriate . By entering, the entrant agrees to hold Workman Productions ® and any of its affiliated companies exempt from any costs or expenses of any claim arising out of any such use. Workman Productions will never sell entries nor make entries available to the public.
Workman Productions ® assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of those individuals or entities submitting entries pursuant to this notice. All submitting entities and/or individuals are advised to review submissions with respect to correct name credits and other information.