About United Kingdom Fashion Film Festival

Discover a world where fashion and film collide in a burst of fresh and vibrant creativity. The United Kingdom Fashion Film Festival (UKFFF) presents an innovative showcase that brings together the visionary works of creative professionals from the realms of fashion, film, and advertising. This dynamic fusion resonates globally, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between these industries.

Exploring the Fusion

Our festival focuses on the compelling symbiosis of fashion and film, presenting a diverse array of fashion films, advertising pieces, music videos, and short documentaries. Through these captivating mediums, we delve into the intersection of visual storytelling, where the artistic expressions of both fashion and film merge to create captivating narratives.

Engaging Events and Insights

Participation in the UKFFF opens doors to a series of exhilarating events where industry leaders come together to share their experiences and knowledge. Engage with top professionals through insightful panels, lectures, and discussions that enrich and elevate the art form. Our events are open to all who share a passion for fashion, film, and the vibrant world they create.

A Hotspot for Creativity

The UKFFF has earned its reputation as one of the United Kingdom's most dynamic fashion film events. Drawing in local and global talent, our festival serves as a haven for film professionals, fashion photographers, designers, stylists, models, artists, and more. It's a unique opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to forge connections, expand horizons, and unearth opportunities on both a local and global scale.

Embrace the Fusion

Join us as we celebrate the fusion of fashion and film at the United Kingdom Fashion Film Festival. Immerse yourself in a realm of boundless creativity, where stories are told through threads and frames. Connect with kindred spirits, discover new perspectives, and open doors to a world of possibilities within the UK and beyond.


At the UK Fashion Film Festival, we celebrate excellence in the realms of fashion and film. Our awards recognize the outstanding contributions of creative professionals who bring their vision to life on screen. Join us in honouring the best of the best in the following categories:

1. Best Fashion Film
For the film that epitomizes the essence of fashion and storytelling.

2. Best Director
Recognizing the exceptional direction that brings a film's vision to reality.

3. Best Story
Celebrating the art of storytelling through captivating narratives.

4. Best Cinematography
Acknowledging the mastery of visual composition and aesthetics.

5. Best Leading Brands
Highlighting films that seamlessly integrate leading brands into their narrative.

6. Best Music & Dance
For the exceptionally to enhance their impact and emotional depth. It recognizes the creative fusion of music and dance within a film.

7. Best Costume Design
Recognizing the artistic mastery of costume creation that enhances the film's narrative.

8. Best Documentary
Celebrating films that delve into the realities and stories of the fashion world.

9. Best Actor
Honouring the standout performance of a male actor in a fashion film.

10. Best Actress
Recognizing the exceptional portrayal of a female character in a fashion film.

11. Best Campaign
For campaigns that showcase the artistry of fashion storytelling.

12. Best Makeup and Hair Style
Acknowledging the creative use of makeup and hair to enhance the film's visuals.

13. Best Creative Concept
Celebrating innovative and imaginative concepts that push boundaries.

14. Best Message
For films that convey powerful messages and impact through storytelling.

15. Best Editing
Recognizing the skillful editing that shapes the film's narrative.

16. Best Visual and Special Effects
Honouring the mastery of visual effects that elevate the film's visual impact.

17. Best Accessory Design
Celebrating exceptional design and integration of accessories within the narrative.

18. Best Emerging Talent
Highlighting up-and-coming individuals whose creativity shines through.

Join us in applauding the remarkable talents who enrich the world of fashion film with their creativity and dedication. Each award represents a testament to the convergence of fashion and film, forging a path for innovative storytelling.

At the UK Fashion Film Festival, we believe in recognizing brilliance and inspiring future visionaries. Be a part of this exciting celebration as we honour the luminaries of fashion and film.

Submission Guidelines for Fashion Films

Welcome to the UK Fashion Film Festival, a premier platform exclusively dedicated to showcasing captivating fashion films. Our Festival celebrates the synergy of creativity between the worlds of film and fashion. Here's how you can be a part of this dynamic celebration:

Film Selection Process

Our Board of Selectors takes pride in curating a diverse selection of films for the UK Film Festival Competition Programme and non-competitive Festival programmes. If you submit your work, you'll automatically enter the selected Film category.

Who Can Submit

We invite submissions from filmmakers, designers, photographers, agencies, professionals, new talents, and students from the audio-visual, fashion, and advertising sectors.

Submission Requirements

All submissions must include:

- Films can be sent via post or as a URL link for uploading in MP4 file format.
- If the film's original language is not English, the Festival requires on-screen English subtitles.

Additionally, please provide the following materials:

- Photo of the director
- Director's biography and filmography
- One or more stills from the film
- Dialogue or spotting list in English
- Film clips / trailer

Usage of Materials

We may use the submitted materials for promotional purposes and to compile the Festival Catalogue. Please note that the Festival is not responsible for inaccuracies originating from these materials.

Digital Video Library

During the Festival, selected films will be available in our digital video library, accessible exclusively to accredited film professionals and journalists. By participating in the Festival, you grant permission for your film to be included in the video library unless alternative arrangements are made.

Important Dates and Availability

All films must arrive before extended deadline and be available for the entire festival period, unless otherwise agreed upon.

General Rules

- Submissions must not contain pornographic, threatening, or illegal content.
- Submissions must not infringe on intellectual property or privacy rights.
- Submissions must not include third-party work unless proper licenses are obtained.
- You must not breach contractual obligations or withhold necessary licenses.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your film, you grant the UK Fashion Film Festival the right to utilize an excerpt from your film for promotional purposes. You also warrant that you are authorized to submit the film for screening and that you understand and accept our requirements and regulations. You agree to indemnify the Festival against any claims arising from copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, or loss of or damage to entered screening videos.

Join us in celebrating the captivating fusion of fashion and film at the UK Fashion Film Festival. Your creativity has a place in our vibrant showcase.

Overall Rating
  • Brock Newman

    It's such an honour to not only be selected and nominated, but I'm over the moon after winning Best Director and Best Editing. UKFFF, aside from my adoration because of the wins, was a very clear, communicative, and organized festival. Although only online this year it ran smoothly and I cannot wait to attend in-person when they open their doors :)

    November 2023
  • lupin wu

    Thank you UK Fashion Film Festival!Being nominated for this film festival is a great honor for our j.oie team. Thank you for your support and affirmation, and we wish UKFFF better and better!

    November 2023
  • Thank you UKFFF for nominating my film. I adore your team and how excellent your festival is. Bravo 👏

    December 2022
  • Eugene Leung

    UK fashion film festival is amazing - the team, the communication, organization and curation of the festival are fantastic. Very glad to be part of this festival and awarded the 'Best Visual & Special Effects'!! It means so much to our team!! We will be joining this festival every year.

    December 2022
  • Daniel Lir

    A very very great experience. Great style and great professionalism. So grateful for their support

    December 2022