Two Roads Brewing Company is hosting a short horror film competition that showcases our spooky good rum-barrel aged pumpkin beer, Roadsmary’s Baby! Here is your chance to submit a short, independent horror film that features egregiously gratuitous product placement of Roadsmary’s Baby and other Two Roads items in your own film. Two Roads will be showing the first, second and third place winners at our Pumpkin Festival on October 20th, 2018!

The first, second and third place winning films will be shown at our Pumpkin Festival on Saturday October 20th,2018 to over 500 attendees. Winners will be announced prior to the event. They will be shown in the order of third place, second place, and first place. Each filmmaker will collect their prize at the end of their film.

All winning filmmakers will be given 3 tickets to attend the Pumpkin Festival (1 ticket for themselves + 2 tickets for guests). Prizes below:

1st Prize: $500 Cash + Two Roads Swag Bag
2nd Prize: Two Roads Adirondack Chair made from barrels (valued at $275) + Two Roads Swag Bag
3rd Prize: $25.00 Two Roads Gift Card + Two Roads Swag Bag

All film submissions must be completed films with a run-time between 4 -7 minutes. Two Roads will not consider unfinished submissions for public viewing. There is no limit to the number of submissions. Films can be up to R rated and absolutely NO full frontal nudity!
-- Two Roads will not consider any submissions that include depictions of sexual violence, excessive alcohol consumption, underage drinking, driving under the influence or depict Two Roads in a negative way.

Props & Other Film Content:
All filmmakers will need to include the following in the film: Roadsmary’s baby bottle/can, coasters, a sticker and a koozie. All items must be used in each film and seen on screen at least once.
**All Roadsmary's Baby beer must be purchased at your local retailer. Please feel free to email for locations to purchase beer
** All other mandatory Two Roads Items (coasters, a sticker and a koozie.) will be mailed to you. Please email with your mailing address.

The line “Road Less Traveled” must be included in the script at least once in the short film in any context. Examples: “Here is to Taking the Road Less Traveled”, “I took the road less traveled”, “He/She/They decided to take the road less traveled”.

All films submitted MUST include the following statement at the beginning of their film: “The following film does not reflect the opinions or views of Two Roads Brewing Company”

Submission Opens: Thursday August 30th 2018
Submission Closes: 11:59pm on Monday October 8th 2018

Judging: All films will be viewed by a panel of 6 judges and rated based on artistic techniques in the film, creativity, technical skills and adherence to the rules of the competition.

Judging process: Judges will view all films completely and rate. Ratings will be pooled to declare a first, second and third place winner.
Pumpkin festival viewing: The first, second and third place winners will be shown at the Two Roads Pumpkin Festival taking place in the Two Roads Hop Yard on Saturday October 20th 2018. Films will begin to play at 7:00pm.

Audience favorite: During the Pumpkin festival the attendees will have the choice to view the films and pick their favorite. Attendees will receive a paper to vote for their favorite. Votes will be pooled to determine the audience favorite.

Kristen Malski, Two Roads Brewing Company, Senior Events Manager
Molly O’Brien, Two Roads Brewing Company, Events Manager
Trish Clark, The Nutmeg Institute, CEO (+ Emmy Award Winner)
Jordan Bochanis, BR Zoom, Owner
Clem Pellani, Two Roads Brewing Company, COO
Brad Hittle, Two Roads Brewing Company, CEO

Terms and Conditions:
- All applicants must be 21+
- Two Roads is not liable for anything that happens during the creation of any submitted content and all prizes are non-negotiable.
- All films must begin with the following statement: “The following film does not reflect the opinions or views of Two Roads Brewing Company”
- Ownership: Two Roads reserves the right to use submitted content for on-going promotions.
- Submissions can be shown at other locations and entered to other contests as long as they abide the definitions and guidelines set forth by Two Roads for this particular contest.
- Two Roads reserves the right not to screen any movie for violation of these terms and conditions or for any reason TRB deems necessary.
- Filmmakers are responsible for getting proper permissions for any third party branding, on-camera appearances, etc. TRB will not be held responsible if Filmmaker fails to get stated permissions.

Overall Rating
  • Jim O'Connor

    Amazing event! Huge community of loyal fans came out to the event, it was amazing to see. Hope to do it again next year!

    October 2018