REAL. WORTHY. STORIES. The Tribute Film Festival primarily focuses on documentaries that reference historic events but will consider any film that inspires.

Film Competition Awards:
•Best Feature Documentary (over 40 minutes) champion laurels awarded
•Best Nonfiction Film by or for a museum (any length) champion laurels awarded
•Best Student Nonfiction Film (any length) champion laurels awarded
•Best Short Documentary (15-40 minutes) champion laurels awarded
•Best Mini-Documentary (under 15 minutes) champion laurels awarded
•Best Short Film for Social Media/Marketing (under 5 minutes) champion laurels awarded
•Critic’s Choice for Best Historic Portrayal in American Films
(nominated on social media, judged by panel of historians and critics)

*For purposes of the Tribute Film Festival “Heritage Films” and “Historic Portrayals” will make some reference to events at least 50 years in the past (prior to 1972 for the 2022 festival). The focus/theme of the film does not need to be historical but should make a significant reference to events of the past. As a general guideline, at least 10% of the total length should be historical in nature. For example a 30 minute film would have at least 3 minutes of total historical material.


ELIGIBILITY: Short and feature documentary films completed after January 1, 2017, are eligible for Tribute Film Festival 2022.

ROUGH CUTS: We strongly encourage you to submit the most complete version of your film possible. We cannot guarantee that replacement cuts will be viewed. If you are submitting a rough cut, please indicate in your application what elements are still incomplete: temporary sound, temporary graphics, missing scenes, etc. To discuss the timing of submitting a rough cut, please email

UPDATED CUTS: Our programming team will review the original screener received. Tribute Film Festival cannot guarantee that we will review updated versions of your film, but links to new cuts can be emailed to

PREMIERES: Tribute Film Festival does not have a formal premiere requirement. When making final decisions, programmers do take a film’s exposure into consideration, especially prior screenings in Texas, wide play on the festival circuit, a national television broadcast, or a theatrical release.

FEEDBACK: Unfortunately, due to the festival’s limited resources, we are unable to guarantee individualized feedback to filmmakers at this time.

Have additional questions about submitting? Please email



Exhibiting filmmaker (“Exhibitor”) represents and warrants that:

1. All persons who are featured in the film have given unrestricted permission for use of their images, words, and performances, waiving or assigning to Exhibitor all rights including but not limited to copyrights and moral rights.

2. To the extent any pre-existing material is used in the film that is not original to Exhibitor, except brief clips of video and/or audio material used only to the extent reasonably necessary for purposes of public criticism, commentary and documentary reporting relevant to the thesis of the film, Exhibitor has obtained unrestricted permission from all rights holders for use of the material in the film and for display and performance of the film or any portions thereof in any and all venues and media, including for promotional purposes.

3. To the extent any remaining rights relating to the film are owned by third parties, Exhibitor warrants that Exhibitor has all rights and permissions necessary to permit the showing of the film at the Tribute Film Festival (a program of Frontier Texas! Inc. referred to hereinafter, collectively, as “Tribute Film Festival”) and any other events sponsored by the Tribute Film Festival at which Exhibitor agrees or has agreed the film may be exhibited, and for use of excerpts or portions thereof in any and all venues and media, including for promotional purposes.

4. All materials submitted to Tribute Film Festival are otherwise the original work of Exhibitor (and its employees, if any) or were commissioned by a museum whereas the museum retains the rights to show/distribute the film.

5. Exhibitor has good and marketable title to the entire submitted work. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Tribute Film Festival from any and all liability, loss, costs, damage, judgment, or expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of any such claims by any third parties that are based upon, or are the result of any breach of the warranties in this Exhibition Agreement.

By completing the online entry form, Exhibitor constitutes his/her full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and that Exhibitor has read and complies with the 2022 Tribute Film Festival Terms of Entry.

Overall Rating
  • Douglas Baum

    Tribute Film Festival was my first festival and they made the process incredibly easy, giving me confidence to submit to other festivals.

    May 2020
  • Brian Heil

    Tribute Film Festival offered great value, communication and just good people. Highly recommended. Thank you Tribute Film Festival.

    March 2018