Most film festivals are scrambling to put together an online platform, but they don't understand this situation from a filmmakers/attendees point of view.

Bi-annually at TNCFF, we’ll showcase 5 new films every week, for a duration of 4 months. Giving you proper time to uniquely and dedicatedly showcase your film.

Check out our website to see how it all works. ( *but really...

We get that the whole point of making a film is to connect with people. To meet like-minded filmmakers who you can later work with, distributors for your current or future projects, or producers to help out with the next idea. To see somebody cry, or belly laugh, or gasp, or share with you their love for what you’ve created. People will love your film if properly exposed to it. Give us the opportunity to facilitate that.

We’ve established an online community messaging system for people to talk, discuss the week's films, and meet each other as they would at an in-person film festival. We want people to ask the creators questions and really get the opportunity to hear from them. If an industry professional is watching and likes what they see, they can reach out privately to you directly through our community system. So much goes on behind the screen that doesn’t make the cut or isn’t appreciated until its pointed out and only further speaks to the filmmakers dedication and persistence in an insanely complicated art form.

This is experimental, we get that, but we need to adapt to the times and realize the current situation is not helping anyone but the festivals over-saturating their lineups. We are focused on curating the best film collection we can and helping you get real exposure. We have one category per time frame/form of media, and one price. You submit to our festival and we will automatically consider you for all applicable categories, awards and prizes. We solely care about good cinema. We want good films and we don’t care who they are made by, what language they are shot in, or where in the world they came from. We believe good cinema should be celebrated. We treat everyone as equals and judge the films by the films. That’s it.

Your film will be showcased along with only 4 other films for the entirety of a week. Optional Q&A (question and answer) event opportunities will be set up for all filmmakers involved, attended by industry professionals with a slew of connections. We want to put you back in touch with the people that would actually be attending these festivals in-person. People that can help further your film career, that honestly is the biggest prize.

Awards (all entries are automatically considered for all applicable awards):

Made Us Cry Award
Audience Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best First Time Director
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Film Honorable Mention
Best Short Short Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Short Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Medium Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Feature Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Comedy (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Drama (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Sci-Fi (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Virtual Reality (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Animation (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Action (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Thriller (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Horor (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Fantasy (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Romantic (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Actor (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Actress (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Duo (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Writer (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Soundtrack (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Director (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best Editing (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium, and Feature)
Best Cinematography (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + (in Short Short, Short, Medium and Feature)
Best VFX (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Wardrobe (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Makeup (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Music Video (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Web-Series (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Script (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Student Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Inspirational Film (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Best Lighting
Best Original Score
Best Music in a Music Video
Best Music Video Concept
Best LGBTQ Message
Best BLM Message
Best Sound Mix
Best Color Correction

Anything that makes any one of our panelists cry from sadness, fear, laughter, astonishment, connected memories, stubbing a toe from being distracted...wins the 'Made Us Cry Award' which automatically is offered the chance to pitch to our panel, who will then do anything we can to help make that next dream a reality.

By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the following rules and terms:

We will email you directly upon receiving and processing your submission, if you have not been emailed your submission was not received. Let us know if you change emails or if the email provided is not receiving messages asap. (

Works in Process are accepted. We are capable of being able to see through not finished products, if you're ready to confidently send it, we're willing to watch it. Make note of what is missing in submission.

Any submissions that are incomplete by our final deadline will be disqualified without refund of submission fees. Reasons a submission will not be considered incomplete, include (but are not limited to) the following:
Screener is missing
Screener has been deleted or password has been changed
Screener is missing subtitles (if in a foreign language), audio, image, or any feature that prevents us from properly judging it.

All projects must be submitted via secure online screener - ideally through dropbox to our designated email. Otherwise in an embeddable link to Vimeo/Youtube or on FilmFreeway with the ability for us to download directly.

We do not accept DVD or Blu-Ray screeners nor can we accept screener links directly via email.

For Virtual Reality Film submissions, please provide either:
A) 360 Vimeo/YouTube screener (other 360-enabled platforms welcome)
B) Downloadable link (to be reviewed via Vive HTC) & 360 screener

Writers may submit as many screenplays as they’d like to the competition, however each script requires a separate application and payment.

Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, and permits necessary to present their work. Triangle North Carolina Film Festival is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.

We have no premiere requirements. If you are premiering with us, please make note of it at time of acceptance.

TNCFF has the right to post any trailers or subsequent marketing material provided to us.

Films have to have been made sometime after December, 31st 2016.

Web-series may be accepted into the festival but only be screened in parts in some cases, we will try our best to schedule it in entirety.

The fee you pay for your film to be considered is just that. By no means does submitting your film guarantee that your film will be accepted. If your film is not accepted, your submission fee will not refunded. Film fees are non-refundable.

Visit our Website for more questions or to get in touch with us. (

Overall Rating
  • David Walton Smith

    Great festival, looking forward to the next one!s

    December 2021
  • Dennis Ford

    TNCFF showcases only five new films each week for up to four months. So, we were especially honored that our film: Firestorm ’77 The True Story of the Honda Canyon was selected to be part of this experimental curation. Very Cool!

    December 2021