Lights, Camera, and ACTION!

Produce and debut your own "Artistic Expressions" short filmwork with Tri-State Expo 2020!

Tri-State Expo 2020 will feature its groundbreaking Short Film Expo division Saturday, August 22, 2020 at the historic Dothan Opera House in beautiful downtown Dothan, Alabama!

Filmmakers, from the Tri-State area and beyond, will submit their short-film documentary or short-film narrative pieces highlighting categories from Sci/Fi to Nonfiction Documentary.

First, all preliminary-level films will be showcased at the free-to-attend, pre-screening festival (TBA). Panelists will have the opportunity to view the filmmakers' submissions, judge, and decide which films to nominate as a finalist in that category.

All nominated finalists will receive notification, regarding their film's nominating honor, and will be featured at the Tri-State Expo 2020: Short Film Expo on August 22, 2020!

The awarding ceremony, photography/archiving, and screening of winning films will be held at the historic Dothan Opera House on August 22, 2020!

Each category winner will receive $500 cash prize, with runner up filmmakers receiving awards and recognition for their film work!
Tri-State Expo requires all winners to remain present for photography/archiving, promos, and other legal matters.

1. Submissions must be fifteen (15) minutes in length, including credits, unless otherwise specified in that category. Exception is for Music Category, in which film submission has to be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes in length, including credits.

2. All panelists and judges' decisions are final!

3. Requirements for submission are listed in the category type and must be followed without deviation. Any deviations will render the film submission "disqualified" and will not be released at the film festival.

4. Film submission must be free of excessive nudity and profanity. Absolutely no pornography, sex acts/performance, and no violent acts or simulations against a minor child in film submission. Tri-State Expo reserves the right to exclude film submission not following this rule.

5. Tri-State Expo holds no responsibility for lost films.

6. Tri-State Expo does not pay screening fees.

7. We accept films that have screened at other festivals and venues, however we encourage premieres! Please, if accepted, let us know if your film will be a premiere Tri-State Expo screening.

8. Digital film submission must be available for screening during the festival screening(s).

9. Films submitted for Tri-State Expo 2020 must have been produced between January 1, 2019, and June 25, 2020.

10. Tri-State Expo reserves the right to not award a prize in any category.

11. Tri-State Expo reserves the right to award prizes outside of the category of entry.

12. All submissions to Tri-State Expo 2020 will be handled through FilmFreeway. No manual submissions will be processed.

13. Once a submission is accepted as an Official Selection, a digital screening version of the film must be provided to Tri-State Expo 2020: Short Film Expo at the expense of the filmmaker.

14. During awarding ceremony, all film finalists must be present at the ceremony location. Filmmaker or filmmaker's representative must remain at the awarding ceremony for promo and marketing photography/archiving purposes.