We have just concluded an amazing first edition! We are happy to open the call for entries to the next edition of Travel Fest Albania. In the first edition, 128 films from 42 countries were screened in 4 cinemas during one week and 22 prizes were awarded to the winners.

All authors attending the festival in Tirana presented their films to the audience in the cinema through an interview, while the festival was mentioned in the national and international media. After the awards ceremony, the authors of the films present at the festival enjoyed a 3-days trip to the Albanian Riviera.

Next year Travel Fest Albania will return even bigger by expanding the number of cinemas for screening in other cities as well as by adding the competition in photography. The authors of the films and photos present at the festival will have the opportunity to visit the Albanian Riviera for three days. They will enjoy the tourist trips, while in the evening films from all over the world will be shown for the audience.

Nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, historical places, heritage, expeditions & routes, food and drinks etc. will be the reference of the next edition in Travel Fest Albania contest, while the slogan of this second edition will be "Dedicated to Earth".

- - - Accommodation - - -

Once your film/photo is selected as a finalist, you will be notified by email with accommodation details, at least 1 month before the event date. Travel Fest Albania offers 3 days of stay in a hotel room with breakfast for the invited author in Tirana.

Once you arrive in Rinas airport, a taxi will pick you up from there and take you to the partner hotel near the center of Tirana. There you will be given your accreditation badge and your welcome bag. You will receive a leaflet and catalogue giving you further information about the admission to different screening venues. The Hospitality team working will be there for you to give you any additional information concerning the different events, screenings and everything else you might need. The opening ceremony of the festival will take place on July 3, 2023 in Tirana.

Depending on the screening program, you can move to other cities or stay in Tirana, and your film will be arranged to appear where you want to be. During the stay, different guides will be organized in the tourist destinations, so don't forget to take a light travel camera setup with you for your next film/photo :). After the awards ceremony, next day, a taxi will take you from the hotel to Rinas airport, Tirana.

- - - Film Festival Awards - - -

Best Travel Fest Film
Best Nature & Wildlife Film
Best Environment & Ecology Film
Best Destinations Film
Best History & Heritage Film
Best Adventure Film
Best Expeditions & Routes Film
Best Food & Drink Film
Best Tv & Web Series
Best Commercial video
Best Drone Film
Best Student Film
Best Animation Film
Best Albanian Film
Best Director
Best Screenwriter
Best Editor
Best Cinematographer
Best Sound Designer
Audience Award
Special Mention

The winners of categories and special prizes will be awarded with trophies, certificates and laurels. Special Mention Awards with certificate and laurel.

- - - Photography Contest Awards - - -

Landscape Best Photo
Wildlife Best Photo
Ocean Best Photo
City life Best Photo
Food & Drink Best Photo
People Best Photo
Travel Best Photo
Albania Best Photo

The winners of categories will be awarded with certificates and laurels.

- - - Film Festival - - -

• The submitter guarantees the full rights to the submission, this also applies to attached press and advertising material.
• Film screenings of the submitted films are free of charge for the organizer. Demo fees, license fees and / or costs of any kind will not be due or will be borne by the submitter. Rights of third parties must not be violated, the responsibility lies with the submitter. Costs of any kind are not covered by the festival and are the responsibility of the submitter.
• Submitted films may not have been published before 01.01.2019.
• The film must not have been submitted in previous editions of Travel Fest Albania.
• The film must be submitted in English or with English subtitles. The submitter is responsible for the correctness of the translation.
• Submission is only possible via FilmFreeway https://filmfreeway.com/TravelFestAlbania. All films must be available for download from FilmFreeway either via Vimeo or YouTube link.
• The festival reserves the right to reclassify festival entries into other categories where this is deemed appropriate.
• The festival reserves the right to compile entries on a “Festival Reel” or similar, also in processed form, and to distribute the same on a medium deemed appropriate by the festival. This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival.
• The entrants transfer all rights appropriate in this context upon entrance of the festival entry to the festival.
• The festival reserves the right to use all recordings taken at the festival for any promotional purpose in any medium deemed appropriate by the festival.
• The festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.
• The festival organization does not accept any responsibility for the cancellation of the festival due to force majeure.
• All films should be submitted electronically in resolution: Full HD (1920×1080 pixels), 16: 9 (other resolution accepted for mobile films), Video codec: H.264, Audio codec: AAC, format: MP4, MOV, AVI. DVDs or other media will not be accepted.
• Unsolicited submitted materials will not be returned.
• The submission fee may vary depending on the time of submission. The fee is payable on the day of submission - exclusive early bird discount may apply.
• More than one film per submitter may be submitted. Each submission requires separate submission documents and a separate fee.
• A refund of the festival fee is not possible under any circumstances.
• All nominated films and the respective winners must be confirmed by the festival management. The decisions of the jury are not contestable and not subject to any legal appeal.
• Winners who can not attend the festival and wish to receive their trophy after the festival, must inform the organization and pay the respective shipping costs.
• The cost of the accommodation will be covered by the Festival for three days (a hotel room with breakfast), including transport from the airport.
• Changes to the regulations can be made by the festival management at any time.
• Submission deadline is 05.20.2023.
• With the submission, the submitter assures that he has read, understood and accepted all regulations of the Festival.

- - - Photography Contest - - -

• Each submission is regardless of the format or equipment used.
• Each submission must come with:
1. Title
2. Author’s name
3. Author’s country
4. Author’s statement / or presentation note / or Letter of intent : 100 - 200 characters.
• You have to be the author of the picture. If you are an agent or a representative, you must specify it in the credits section in your project profile.
• Amateurs and professionals are accepted, any device is accepted : we choose to focus on the quality of your work, not your status or the camera you used.
• By submitting your give your express authorization to the festival and its managing entities and its direct partners to show, showcase, exhibit your submitted work with no limitation, via any network, digital or print, for all non commercial purposes.
• Contest photographs must be saved in the jpg/jpeg format, 150-300 dpi and 7-12 compression quality, with a short edge of minimum 3840 pixels and a long edge of maximum 6400 pixels, and the size of the files should not be less than 4 Mb.
• Some Editing is acceptable.
• Entries are final and non refundable.
• Submission is only possible via FilmFreeway https://filmfreeway.com/TravelFestAlbania.
• More than one photography per submitter may be submitted. Each submission requires separate submission documents and a separate fee.
• Changes to the regulations can be made by the festival management at any time.
• Submission deadline is 05.20.2023.
• With the submission, the submitter assures that he has read, understood and accepted all regulations of the contest.

Overall Rating
  • Festival organized in the best possible way, with good films, with perfect accommodation, we had a great time in Tirana, we also won the best Albanian film, a festival of international proportions, apply if you want to enjoy yourself during a few days of the festival !

    September 2022
  • Many thanks to the organization of the festival for their kindness and to the Travel Fest Albania jury, we feel honored that "BLUE PARADISES" has been Officialy selected. Again many thanks

    August 2022
  • Will regret for a long time not being able to participate in this festival. The communication, organization and program was far from anything i have seen so far. Hope to make it next year.

    August 2022
  • It was such an honour to be selected with our movie THE KYSTER FAMILY IN NEW ZEALAND. We had a fantastic time at the festival and every single staff involved did such an amazing job in making this the best experience. Thank you to our fellow filmmakers, the volunteers, the jury, Pandeli Ceco and everybody who contributed to one of the best festivals in recent memory. Hugs and love from Mikael Kyster & family

    August 2022
  • Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

    Thank you ever so much for selecting Seeking New Paths for your programme. Was planning to attend this year but will in the years to come. All the best and keep up the good work!

    August 2022