Hi Tightarse film freakers, in an attempt to destroy apathy and bring back a bit of the 'low quality' but highly entertaining trash disasterpieces that we've come to love, I've come up with a cunning plan. This is also for the tightarse film makers with bugger all money and we want to get some of the tax payers money back off your dole cheque and put it back into a good cause. It'll make you feel all gooey inside and you'll be giving back to the community. (sort of)
This is the part of the Festival for the trashiest of the trash. The bottom of the cesspool of film making. Whether by birthright, on purpose or just plain accident. This is the perfect chance to make your first film (or next) on a miniscule budget and give it a crack. Get that dole cheque loan and create a video nasty. Shoot it on your smart phone, Dad's old VHS or ANYTHING! Just make the bloody thing!

We want Sinematic disasterpieces of all kinds, B grade horror, Creature Features, Grindhouse, faux trailers, science Fiction, slasher, sick n' twisted animations, Bad taste comedies, blood bath orgies, SURPRISE US!

JUST SO YOU KNOW: The touring Trasharama program has its premiere each year at Monster Fest in Melbourne (Nov 24-27, 2016), but please note the Tightarsateurs are not eligible for Monster Fest Official competition awards. Not all films will be screened. But the ones that do will be included on the Trasharama 'Roadkill roadtrip' around Oz. THOUGH, if we get enough entries we will have a separate Trasharama TIGHTARSE program sometime in the future. You gotta be innit to win it. Stay tuned!

IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR Hellbourne's prestigous MONSTERFEST and also TRASHARAMA: Go to this link: http://monsterfest.com.au/submit/

#Something short, entertaining with a bit of effort put into it.
#There are lots of bodily fluids to pick from. Blood, piss, shit, vomit... Include something. It's blood sweat and tears watching the atrocities that get send in.
#Try and make include some SPFX or at least have pride in what you make.
#If you can, make something original, a new creature, something we haven't seen. RUN FORREST RUN! OK, that's been done, but you get the idea.

Awards & Prizes

The Golden Colostomy bag award. Awarded to the most shittiest but entertaining and possibly graphic short. Showing great potential to rise to dizziing heights and/or a padded cell in some criminal insane nuthouse somewhere.

Rules & Terms

#Must be Australian. Sorry International folk. Just trying to encourage some local film makers to get off their tightarse... er arses.

#budget under 200 bux (Aus) (Not counting beer or stimulants to get you off your arses)

#Must be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

#$20 Aust entry fee included with movie submission.

#Upon submitting a film for consideration to TRASHARAMA TIGHTARSE the submitter acknowledges and agrees to the following:

1. The submitter holds relevant copyrights for the submitted film and agrees to screen the film at TRASHARAMA should it be selected for the program.

2. The submitter understands that submitting a film does not guarantee entry into the festival program and that no refunds will be issued for submission fees for films not selected for the program.

3. The submitter agrees that if the film is selected for the TRASHARAMA program they will be able to provide a screening copy on DCP or Blu-Ray (depending on venue) and arrange for KDMs (if required) and shipping of materials to Australia by the agreed festival materials deadline.
TRASHARAMA only accepts submissions electronically, utilising online screeners. This allows your film to be seen by the whole programming team and thus increases its chances of being selected.