Trash Film Festival is an international festival of low-budget movies.

The festival does NOT feature drama, documentary or art films, but exclusively entertaining films which can be put into one of the following categories: action, martial arts, science-fiction and horror. Exaggeration in genre attributes is desirable. On the final evening, the festival award Golden Chainsaw is given to the best movies.
Trash Film Festival is much more than just a review - it is a large glam-trash event in which all present play role; guests, organizers, performers and contestants. Great care is taken to organize concerts, kitsch parties and red carpet events.

Golden Chainsaw

Trash Film Festival award is called Golden Chainsaw. It is given for:
- Best action movie
- Best martial-arts movie
- Best science-fiction movie
- Best horror movie
- Best movie chosen by audience

Why chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a useful tool and above all powerful and attractive gear which symbolizes penetrating, devastating, but controlled male energy. It is a compound of a rational mind who seeks for the optimum between power and loss, and insane irrational mind who kills for fun in a most cruel way.
The Chainsaw will turn against it’s master in a fantastic explosion which will wipe all the world’s trash and bring us back to the point zero. To the point of primary Trash!

1. TRASH FILM FESTIVAL will take place in Varaždin, Croatia, from 9th-12th of September 2020. Right to participate on the Festival have all professional and nonprofessional film and video makers.
2. Duration of a film is limited. Maximum film duration is 60 minutes
3. For the competition will be accepted films following genres only martial arts, SF, Action, Horror
4. Film MUST BE subtitled in English and the subtitle must be hardcoded.
5. Only selected movies will be screened during Trash Film Festival. They will be selected by the movie selector.
6. Submitted movies will be copied and will be retained by the organizer in the archive of the Trash Film Festival.
7. No fees or compensations will be paid to authors or producers for screening. The organizer holds the right of screening excerpts of a selected movies on the Internet and TV for promotional purposes.
8. By submitting movies through Filmfreeway, the author or producer confirms that they comply with the rules presented by TRASH FILM FESTIVAL.

Overall Rating
  • Nahuel Srnec

    Thank you very much for the selection of "Wolf on the Loose"
    Great festival! Greetings from Argentina!
    Nahuel Srnec

    April 2020
  • Kai Erfurt

    Great Festival, awesome Croud and theatre.
    Thx for beeing a part of it

    December 2019
  • Festival looks sooooooo cool. I wish I could have attended.

    KILL AL was honoured to be part of this awesome festival.

    October 2019
  • Alfredo Uzeta

    Excellent festival, very communicative and profesional. We are so happy and proud to be part of it and we even won for best martial short film. All the crew in Mexico are very happy about it. We love it. :)

    October 2019
  • J. Alexander A. Linares

    It was a pleasure and honor to be officially selected representing Indonesia and Peru, i hope there are more festivals like this one supporting Filmmakers with adjusted budgets. After all you guys are focused more in Creativity and Narrative more than money and expensive gadgets. d

    September 2019