An evening of Toronto-based short films.

Lots of festivals out there have "Toronto" in their name. But when you dig a little deeper, it's disheartening to see how few local films they showcase. As filmmakers, we've been down that road—forking over $40 per submission, only to sit in half-empty screenings filled with forgettable international films, with networking opportunities few and far between.

So we started Toronto Based, a short film showcase with an emphasis on networking, high-quality narrative shorts, and also- free beer.

TBS 2023 is presented by MUBI and proudly supported by Archipelago Productions, GroundGlass Casting, AstroLab Studios, and Blood Brothers Brewing.

Keep your money, make more movies.

Paul, Dylan & Yeimy

A total of 5 to 6 films will be selected to play. There will be no awards.

All shorts must be narrative, under 20 minutes, and directed by Toronto & GTA filmmakers (including anyone capable of attending the screening). Our networking aspect being at the core of the event, all filmmakers MUST be capable of attending the screening in person if selected.