We screen films by Deaf/Disabled filmmakers and films with a strong central Deaf/Disabled character - we have developed the 'D' system in response to Bath Film Festival's 'F' system to highlight the contributions of Disabled people. Our priority is to provide a platform for strong storytelling, highlighting the lived experiences of Deaf/Disabled people from diverse backgrounds, and the talents of community, emerging and mid-career Deaf/Disabled filmmakers. Many of our films are world or international premieres, and go on to festivals worldwide. We also collaborate to cross-programme films with festivals including Oska Bright, SuperFest, Kynnskino and Little Wing. We run live events for audiences and filmmakers during the festival. The Festival is FREE and open to all with support from Arts Council England and Film London.

The Kat Awards were introduced in 2019 and include Best First Film, Best Animation, Best Artist's Film, Best Dance Film, Best Drama, Best Documentary, Best Film in a Language other than English, Best Accessible Film and Lifetime Achievement. Awards may not be made in all categories each year. For the 2022 winners see: https://www.together2012.org.uk/together-2022-disability-film-festival-2-4-december/kat-awards-2022/

In order to qualify, the film must have been made by a Disabled filmmaker or Disabled-led team, and/or have a central Disabled character or be disability themed.

Films must be submitted in the requested format, accompanied by a still image link for viewing and the following information which is used in the programme if successful:

Name of film; name of director; country of origin; date completed; premiere status; length; short description; publicly available link for online viewing if available; access availability (English captions, audio-description, sign language).

Please ensure that your information is presented in the required format or your film may not be accepted. See the 2022 programmes for examples: https://www.together2012.org.uk/together-2022-disability-film-festival-2-4-december/

Overall Rating
  • Sarah Leigh

    Thank you for selecting Typical? and awarding us Best First Film. It was an honour to be part of the festival and we loved the programme! Highly recommend submitting!

    December 2023
  • An honor to have participated.
    Thank you so much!!!

    December 2023
  • Julien MARIE

    Interesting festival which highlights all the diversities of disability through numerous activities. I enjoyed being part of it.

    December 2023
  • Thank you for selecting My Glow.

    December 2023
  • Heather May

    We were so honored to be part of this festival. What a treat to be part of a festival celebrating the work of disabled creators and stories that demonstrated the breadth and depth of skills of these artists. I was truly blown away by the range of works screened and the uniformly outstanding quality of the films. I only wish I had been able to screen more of them during the very short festival.

    December 2023