Welcome to Love Notes, our newest edition to Three Fires International Festival circuit, where the world's most passionate and tender cinematic stories come to life on screen. Love Notes is not just a film festival; it's a celebration of the most powerful and universal emotion that connects us all: love.

At Love Notes, we curate and showcase an exceptional collection of independent films that explore the myriad dimensions of love. Love Notes is another themed edition of Three Fires International, a not for profit organization that provides platforms for independent filmmakers, with a special commitment to showcasing the rich creativity of Indigenous filmmakers.

Love transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. Love Notes is dedicated to presenting diverse stories of love that reflect the complexities and beauty of human connections.

The event takes place at SAW gallery, part of the Ottawa Art Gallery building., 67 Nicholas St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7B9.

Starting at 6pm our LoveNotes interactive booth will open, where for a donation you can mail a love notes card to a loved one, family or friend. Cards and stamps for mailing will be provided. We then mail all the love notes for you!

This interactive exhibit is open throughout the duration of the event.

Doors Open: 6pm [interactive exhibit]
Movies start 7pm
Movies end 10pm

There is a 15 minute intermission at 8:30pm.

Audience questions to local filmmakers takes place from 10:00 - 10:30pm

11pm event closes.

The bar will be open for drinks and there will also be popcorn and snacks.

We will be giving out an audience selection award & Best production award.

Please ensure your films have English subtitles
Selected Films will be announced February 1st, 2024

Three Fires International Film Festival is referred to as 3FIFF in the following rules governing the festival:

Authorised Use and Inclusion of Materials

It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter to:
• secure permission from the rights holders of any and all copyrighted and/or trademarked content or materials included within the film
• clear all content within the film from any and all actual or potential legal claims and issues, including, without limitation, claims based on theories of libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of rights of publicity, theft of trade secrets, breach of confidence, breach of confidential relationship, and breach of express or implied contract (“Third Party Claim/s”).
3FIFF will not be held responsible for any unauthorised inclusion of:
• any copyrighted and/or trademarked content or materials within or relating to the submitted project, including any content or materials that are or may become the basis for any Third Party Claim/s for copyright infringement and/or trademark infringement, trademark dilution or unfair competition
• any content or materials within or relating to the submitted film that are or may be the basis for any Third Party Claim/s.
If any unauthorised inclusion of materials as set out above applies to a submitted film, 3FIFF reserves the right to forego consideration of that film, or to withdraw the film from confirmed programming – in which case any and all fees paid prior will be forfeited.


All correspondence from us regarding FilmFreeway submissions will be sent via FilmFreeway, directly to the email address of the Submitter, or through third-party email campaign software. Please do not unsubscribe from 3FIFF communications, as you may miss key updates.

Although Three Fires International takes every precaution to ensure that messages are sent to the Submitter via email, 3FIFF disavows any responsibility for messages not delivered to the email address supplied. 3FIFF recommends that Submitters regularly log in to FilmFreeway to ensure that the submission has been completed (including, but not limited to, payments and screener uploads)