What about TQAF?
-This is the film department open call but you should know that TQAF is not only that. Is an art festival having a world wide network, with visual artworks, poetry and writing, workshops, performances, video and film presentations, community interventions and talks or lectures that every year investigate a question. Through a series of in-person and online interventions, TQAF 2021 aims to offer a platform for underrepresented LGBTQIA+ artists, cultural practitioners, writers and activists from across the Balkans and other selected regions to share their practice and connect with peers in Spring/Summer 2021. TQAF is a grassroots initiative which aims to amplify the voices of the LGBTQI+ community by providing an open international platform for artistic expression, discussion, and research. As well as, our intention is to give visibility to local queer filmmakers .

What is Identity?
-The meaning of identity has undergone many transformations throughout time, to encapsulate definitions such as similarity, affinity, symmetry, equivalence, equality etc. As a fluid term, identity has been appropriated by different groups of people across the years, to determine different things and different concepts. Sociological approaches on identity have long described it as a cohesive whole; a set of characteristics, all of which contribute to the formulation of an individual’s sense of self. Identity is a construction: a combination of multiple aspects and different shades of that which we refer to as one’s self. Which aspects contribute to its formulation? How is it defined? How do individuals and communities construct a coherent sense of who they are and how is this performed and/or narrated in practice?

What is new?
- Except from our main screening program, this year we are going to have pre festival screenings, event, q&a screenings.

As an independent initiative, the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival is run entirely by volunteers, and we depend on the generosity of our audiences to sustain our work and keep our exhibitions, workshops and events free.

Please consider donating to our crowdfunding campaign today.

1) Your film (shorts, video art, features, documentaries) should be considered queer and the theme of your films is compatible with this year's topic ''What is identity?''

2) You can apply more than one project

3) Films must include English subtitles
+RECOMMENDED: We are trying to make the festival more accessible to all audiences. This year, our film department curatorial team, will appreciate if your films are also having an audio description version, for people who are blind or visually Impaired.

4) After the selection of the films, we are going to contact you about more promotional material and the official screener link.

5) By sending us your work, you are under consideration to be included in our main program, special screenings, q&a events, installation projects (especially for video arts) and other prospective events that will be designed according to the works that will be submitted.

Overall Rating
  • Gisela Chicolino

    We are very delighted for been selected in such a great screen, and our film can find its audience.

    July 2021
  • Great festival! Such a diverse array of artists addressing a salient issue! Excellent communication and opportunities for artists beyond the festival. Thank you!

    July 2020
  • Giovanna Giovanini

    A very interesting festival, good communication, and sharp selection.

    July 2020