Welcome to The Ring of Fire International Film Festival! We are excited to share with you our festival's history and what we offer to filmmakers like you.

Our festival was born in 2013 with the goal of promoting local and national artists. In our early years, we projected 31 to 41 works in each edition. In 2022, we return with a totally different concept: we are now an international festival with the addition of international producers, directors, and distributors.

Here's what we offer to our filmmakers:

1. Big Event: We move to one of the most important cinemas in Barcelona with rooms of +500 spectators to give independent filmmakers like you the exposure you need. We have agreements with institutes, film schools, and cinema clubs to fill +90% of all the projections we do. If no one sees your project, you don't exist.

2. The Artist is the Star: We believe that festivals should get more involved with filmmakers, both in screenings and in social media promotion. Our number one goal is to help you in any way we can.

3. Networking: Our team consists of many film producers and people with many connections within the film industry. We will work to help you connect with the film industry.

4. Ultra Low Fees: More than 50% of the registration fee is paid by us or our sponsors. We live in difficult times, and it is our way of helping you to continue doing the festival circuit.

5. Communication: We have an entire communication team that will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We believe that communication is key, and we strive to keep you informed every step of the way.

6. IMDb Film Festival: https://www.imdb.com/event/ev0049073/2023/1

Now, let's answer some frequent questions we receive:

1. What kind of premiere do you ask for? None. We will never rule out a project because it premiered in another country or festival. We don't believe in discarding projects just to have exclusivity.

2. Can I present a project premiered on YouTube? Yes, we support you 100%. We know how complicated it is to finish a project, and we are one of the few festivals in the world that accept projects uploaded to YouTube or other online platforms.

3. Can I submit a 2020 project? Yes, we do not rule out any project based on its production date. We believe that everyone deserves another chance.

We hope that you consider submitting your project to The Ring of Fire International Film Festival. We are excited to see what you have to offer and help you in your filmmaking journey. Thank you for your time!

-Best Short Film
-Best Indie Short Film
-Best Micro Short
-Best Feature Film
-Best Indie Feature Film
-Best Documentary
-Best Music Video
-Best Feature Script
-Best Short Script

-Best First Time Filmmaker
-Best Female Filmmaker
-Best Filmmaker
-Best Producer
-Best Cinematography
-Best Actor
-Best Actress
-Best Editing
-Best Soundtrack

-Best Animation
-Best Horror
-Best Thriller
-Best Pilot/Serie/Web Serie
-Best Experimental
-Best Fantasy/Sci-fi
-Best Drama
-Best Comedy
-Best Hispanic
-Best Trailer
-Best Poster

1. We accept projects in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German. If your project does not have these languages, we accept it with English subtitles.

2. Duration:
-Micro Shorts: 0-2 minutes
-Short film Under 60 minutes
-Feature film Over 60 minutes
-Documentary: 0 -180 minutes
-Pilot/web/serie: 0-180 minutes
-Music Video: Unlimited
-Short script: Under 35 pages
-Feature Script: Over 35 pages

3. As a festival we are against the sale of databases. We guarantee 100x100 that your data will be safe and will only be used for the festival.

As a festival, one of our objectives is to promote artists and we can contact producers or festival directors so that they select you in other festivals or that a producer has a meeting with you. But in no case will we transfer your data to third parties.

4. For promotional purposes, we can use graphic material or images of your project, for a maximum of 1 minute. No commercial purposes, just as a promotion for your project or the festival.

5. You acknowledge that you are the owner of the project and exempt the festival from any violation of rights.

6. The festival can reschedule the notification dates, festival dates or eliminate categories if the necessary level is not reached.

7. You agree to have the link of your project updated, if you do not have it updated, the project will be disqualified. We always try to notify each filmmaker if that happens but there are times when we organize reviews with the jury and it does not allow us to notify in advance, so we always recommend that you have the updated links.

8. The festival does not pay a screening fee. At the live festival we screen the winner of Best Trailer, Best Music Video and Best Short Film.

9. No fee waiver. All entry fees are non-refundable.

10. Register a project implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • Derek Sitter

    Wonderful experience with Ring Of Fire. Great communication. Honored to participate and receive two honors in Barcelona. Thank you for the fantastic festival.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Derek. You must be very proud of your work on "Tutu Grande". You have been winning awards for many years with this project and we love that you have trusted The Ring of Fire to show your talent in Barcelona. The public loved it. Thank you so much.

  • Delighted my feature script "Alta California" was chosen for Award Winner by Ring of Fire Film Festival. Such recognition by a quality festival like this is great honor and encouragement.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Lynn. Congratulations on the award for "Alta California". We have seen that you have won many international awards and they are totally deserved.

  • igor lovato

    It is an indescribable joy to receive this award. We are a completely independent production group and this award represents a huge incentive for us to continue making independent cinema and face all the necessary obstacles to victory. Thank you very much The Ring Of Fire, thank you very much.

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations Igor for winning with "By Those Hands that Lead Me". You all do a great job and we are convinced that you will be very successful. Keep it up.

  • Zeff Lawless

    Delighted that my Dark Comedy short “GOLF – Tee Shot!” – won the Best Comedy award in this great festival. Thanks to everyone at The Ring of Fire for a great experience.

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations on the award for best comedy with "GOLF - Tee Shot". The public enjoyed it very much. Filming comedy is one of the most complicated genres because the line is very fine and you do it perfectly.

  • Thrilled that Michelle J. Wright was awarded Best Actress (for her role as Dr. Ashley Warren) by the judges. The festival is excellent with superb communications and clever laurel/award graphic. Huge thanks guys!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations Howard. You do great directing of actors in "Waiting For Nicko."