Between you pouring you heart and creative juices out on paper or into a writing software and getting your story published, promoted, and read is the crucial step of getting your work polished, perfected, and revised by an editor. We at The Writer’s Block offer you the editing types you need to move forward with your fiction Novel or Novelette!

Writing a book is an art, it is self-expression, emotion, a journey to mindsets and vicinities never before seen, journalism, and even sometimes activism and it can be a beautiful, haunting, absorbing, and daunting experience. The particularly daunting part comes in the form of the financial mountain hiding behind your dream literary work. With the average expense of hiring an editor being at $30-$50 per/hr authors are dishing out many hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get their first tokens of feedback on their book before having to also pay for the cover designs, formatting for E-Book, printing, perhaps hiring an agent, and paying for promotion. But, we at The Writer's Block pride ourselves on offering new and seasoned authors alike the opportunity to get one foot in the door of accomplishing their dreams WITH quality customer service, in-depth edits, on call availability, and thoughtful suggestions to help better their stories WITHOUT the financial burden! 

What We Offer:
Topical Edits: Proofreading, Copy/Line Edits
Invasive Edits: Developmental and Substantive Edits

Proofreading ~ Mark any errors in grammar

Copy/Line Edit (Prose) ~ Grammar, Consistency, Writing Style, Paragraph structure, Sentence Flow, Word Replacement

Developmental Edit ~ Guides an author to further develop their book’s topic/characters including: 
• Suggesting revisions to story structure
• Suggesting revisions to fine tune main characters purpose, personalities, psychology, direction, and climax
• Determine if the main idea is captured in the story
• Determine if verbiage is realistic
• Determine if characters seem sincere 
Substantive Edit ~ Guides an author on genre writing techniques, fiction writing techniques, fine tuning concept, deepening content, highlighting style, creating plot outlines for unfinished manuscript or finished manuscripts in need of deep revision. Also, includes a Line Edit.

We offer affordable editing to help you move forward with publishing your book without breaking your "struggling writer's budget"!

While many editors and editorial services charge you by the word or page The Writer's Block only charges you by the service! This means we charge on the basis of what type of edit you want us to do and which two categories your book fits into: Novel (containing 17,001 words or less) and Novelette (containing 17,000 words or less). 

Our only requests are listed below:
Manuscripts format:
• 12-point size Times New Roman
• Margins set one inch on both sides and top/bottom
• Microsoft Word 

 *The Editors of The Writer's Block explicitly recommend never showing or sharing your story or stories with any party, including us, without first getting Copyrighted with the United States Copyright Office at to protect your creative work from the jerks out there who can't think for themselves and will lift your sh¡t! ;-)