The Vieques International Film Festival 2017 is designed to provide exposure to filmmakers of Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Latino heritage. After a successful first year run, we are now opening the Film Festival to a wide array of films from all over the world! All countries and languages may be submitted. The Vieques International Film Festival will have various slots to accommodate films:

Foreign Block - All films from outside of the US and its territories.

Latin Block - Films created by filmmakers of Latin/Hispanic descent, with an emphasis on Puerto Rican filmmakers.

Comedy Block

Horror Block

Action/Suspense Block

Experimental Block

Drama Block

Animation Block

As a privately held public event created by the Brittany Dance, Film & Theatre Foundation (a Federal 501(c)3 non-profit bringing Arts education in dance, film, and theatre to the people of Vieques), all proceeds aside from the costs of running the Festival will go directly towards the operation of the Brittany and to continuing to bring more and more classes in the Arts to the local population. It is the hope that The Vieques Internation Film Festival will become an annual event and that it will help bring light to the possibility of the Arts world to those on the Island whom have not yet had the opportunity to experience it, furthering the goals of providing learning and personal growth through the Arts to all on the Island who wish to have access to it.

Best Documentary Short
Best Documentary - Feature
Best Short Film - Drama
Best Short Film - Comedy
Best Short Film - Horror
Best Short Film - Experimental
Best Short Film - Action/Crime/Suspense
Best Feature Film - Comedy
Best Feature Film - Drama
Best Feature FIlm - Horror
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Screenplay

All films considered.