The Student Film Prize Serge Daney is a competition for short films by students of any films studies organism (public or private). The competitors have to speak French to be able to take advantage of the main Prize.
There is no theme, but the spirit of the Serge Daney Film Prize can be told through a Serge Daney quote : "a film must convey a point of view, a vision of the world, that give it it's sense, it's logic" (Serge Daney, "Perseverance").

The Main Prize is a week with the G.R.E.C. to develop a personal film project (
The second Prize is the 3 tomes of Serge Daney's "Le cinéma et le monde" (P.O.L.)
Both films will be projected in the Cinematheque Francaise.
There is also a Distribution Prize for the shortest films (less than 10 minutes): the film is screened in cinemas in France.

The film must not be longer than 25 mn, including titles.
If it is in a foreign language, it must be subtitled in French.
The films of more than 10 minutes should be directed by French speaking directors (the first prize works only for French speakers).
The deadline online is November 30th AND NO PARTICIPATION FEE if you send your film here: