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Showing around the world The Short Film app, we will showcase the very best talents from filmmakers around the globe.

With the success of The Short Film Show a globally recognized platform for the very best in short films. The group is proud to bring you The Short Film app, we are now accepting submissions for the app.

Please note that submissions made here are for the mobile app which is in development. There is no guarantee that your film will be used. Please see our rules.

With support from researchers at the University of Nottingham in the UK and China we are building an awesome app that is dedicated to everything short film with the same ethos as The Short Film Show. Researchers at these Universities are conducting multiple research projects around the app from the changing ways that people watch content to ways of paying filmmakers back and enhanced viewer demographics. This is your chance to be part of something amazing..

We showcase the very best talent from around the world. The app will be available online - on TV and Mobile. The subscription APP is aimed at paying you back. (subject to viewers)

The Short Film Show is the go-to brand for curated quality films, audiences around the world know us as the home of short films.

There is a vast array of short films, many of which are award-winning and produced from budgets varying from nothing to £100k plus. They have often been financed through a whole host of means including crowd-funding and involve the creative talents of cast and crew all driven by one thing… passion, a passion to produce something that can be shared and enjoyed with others not just locally but worldwide.

Short films come in all shapes and sizes and their duration can be anything from 45 seconds to 45 minutes involving captivating storylines and superb photography. Some make it the local cinema for audiences of a few hundred before being transferred to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. While sitting gathering viral dust on these servers and being buried beneath copious amount of less ambitious efforts, they may have at least pushed their producer’s up another rung on their career ladder.

Please note that submissions made here are for the mobile app which is in development. There is no guarantee that your film will be used.

Full details of the rules can be found here.
and our privacy policy

If you have submitted to The Short Film Show then please don't submit to the app. Submitting here doesn't mean that you will be included in the show which has a separate submission page.

Once our APP and new website has been finished all submitters will be migrated over to the filmmakers section where you can manage your account, view analytics and any payout information. To be clear this is not a festival. you can find the competition our sister platform The Short Film Show.

Please make sure you have read the rules fully before submitting your work.
Strict copyright guidelines apply and an additional verification of acceptance of the rules will be needed.

Key Points:
you must ensure that you are the owner of the Content and have obtained any permission to use any music, actors, artwork or any other material which is contained within your film.
you are the full and legal owner of all rights. You must own or have licensed any third party content used in your film. in respect of Content submitted by you, you will be liable for any claims brought against us by any third party in respect of any infringement of their intellectual property, for passing off or for any other claims arising directly or indirectly from our use of Content in accordance with the rights granted to us.