$3,000 in Cash Prizes. Plus 1 Year of Script Development Support for two Winners each season. For screenwriters who want help to finish their scripts.

Want to transform that rough idea, treatment, or first draft into a polished screenplay that’s ready for production?

Of course, you do!

But finding the time, dedication, and expert help when you need it isn’t exactly easy, is it?

That’s where our Script Development Fund comes in.

We understand that many aspiring writers struggle to find the time to write whilst supporting themselves and their families. That’s why we’re offering Two (2) Writers the chance to win $3,000 in Cash Prizes + 12 months of Free Script Development.

We've already helped launch the careers of 100+ writers, including deals with Sony, Blumhouse, Film4, and Hulu, and now we want to extend that help to the writers who need it most.

The cash prizes awarded to the two Winners of this contest are intended to finance greater freedom for writers, whether that’s taking time off from work, attending a writer’s retreat, engaging childminders, or any other way the writer sees fit that will help them find dedicated time to write.

We also get that writing can sometimes be an isolating experience, so our Head of Education here at Shore Scripts will be there for you - offering Script Development for one year to both Winners; providing ongoing coverage and feedback to help you create the best screenplay possible.

It’s not just about getting the script ready; it’s about getting the writer ready too, so at the end of the year, both Winners’ scripts will be reviewed and if the time is right, the Winners will work with our Writer Development Manager to send their scripts out to members of our Industry and Directors roster.

The Fund welcomes submissions from screenwriters from around the world. We accept short Treatments for features or TV series, or the first 10 pages of a longer script that the writer is currently working on.

Treatments and scripts must be in English. Scripts must be personal specs and not screenplays for projects that you have been commissioned and paid to write by a production company or producer.

The Script Development Fund offers you an opportunity to transform your story idea into a screenplay that will make people take notice of you and your work.

Shore Scripts does not seek to obtain any rights over your script at any time.

FOR ALL THE INFO: https://www.shorescripts.com/scriptdevfund/


* Grand Prize Winner - $2000 in Cash.

- and a complimentary enrollment into Robert McKee’s legendary STORY Seminar online.

* 2nd Place Winner - $1000.

- and a free copy of Robert McKee’s STORY Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting best-selling book.

Both Winners will receive personalized free script feedback and development advice from our Head of Education and Script Development for 12 Months. The order and timescale in which prizes are received are determined by the Winners but must take no longer than one year:

- Direct email contact throughout the year.
- Two (2) 1-Hour calls, either online or on the phone as preferred by both parties.
- One (1) 6-page coverage report
- Two (2) 3-page coverage reports

Both Winners will also receive Six (6) months of free access to the Stage 32 Writer's Room program.

The Grand Prize Winner will have the opportunity to receive free one-to-one career advice from Melissa Houghton, Executive Director of Women In Film & Video, and member of the WETA Community Council, the FAVS Advisory Board at George Mason University, and the Advisory Board for The Actors’ Center.

* Top 5 Finalists will each receive a free 3-page coverage from our Reader Team, a free copy of (Not Just) Another Book on the Craft of Screenwriting, by the ISA's Director of Education, Max Timm, and a free 6-month ISAConnect membership.

Plus, all our Winners and Finalists get the opportunity to join our private alumni Facebook community where they can network with other winners, readers, and members of the Shore Scripts team, and our Directors' roster and take part in exclusive live events and access specially provided learning materials.

Take a look at our alumni and see how Shore Scripts can kick-start your screenwriting career: www.shorescripts.com/success-stories/.

Placing in Shore Scripts contests will boost your rating on Coverfly’s Red List. At the end of 2023, over 100 scripts by Shore Scripts writers were listed in Coverfly's Top 10%.

Plus, every writer who enters receives a FREE copy of our 40-page COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO SCREENPLAY FORMATTING.

* For this contest we are reading the first ten (10) pages of longer scripts (min. 20 pages), and treatments up to ten (10) pages long, for Features, TV Pilots, Shorts, and Animation screenplays.

* Shore Scripts will award prizes to the Winners to support their writing a feature screenplay, a short film script of more than 20 pages in length, a one-hour TV pilot, or a web series of up to six episodes, with each episode being no more than 10 minutes long.

* Writers who wish to enter the first 10 pages of their script, whether a completed first draft or work in progress, should enter the first 8 to 11 pages, including the Title page. Anything under or over these page lengths will not be read.

* Treatments should be between 5-10 pages. We do not accept treatments that are over 10 pages. The Title Page does not count towards this total if it only includes the script title. If the title page contains more than that (for example, details on your project), then this counts as one of the 10 pages.

* Writers from all countries are welcome to enter. All scripts and treatments must be written in English.

* The Development Fund is for projects that are still in the writing stage. Screenplays or films that the writers consider to be in their final form are not eligible to enter.

* The cash prizes can be spent on whatever the winners see fit to help them finish their project.

* The Script Development prizes will be solely focused on the script or treatment you entered the Fund with. Calls and coverage with our Head of Education and Script Development will be arranged to fit the schedules of both parties.

* All ages can enter. Under 18’s need to get their parent’s permission.

* All genres are welcome.

* Please only include the Script Title on the title page.

* You may submit as many scripts as you wish.

* Scripts should be formatted at size 12 Courier.

* We prefer scripts and treatments to be sent as PDF documents.

* We accept text only and text and image treatments.

* Submitted file sizes should be below 15 MB.

* All submitted screenplays must be the writer’s original work, or they own the copyright. If a writing team enters, then both/all writers must consent.

* Shore Scripts will never hold any rights over your project.

* To help the environment, Shore Scripts only accepts electronic entries.

* Each writer, or writing team, may not have earned more than $50,000 in screenwriting fees in the preceding 18 months. This clause is in place to help us support emerging talent. (Contest and Fellowship awards and writing fees received outside of fiction screenwriting do not count toward this total).

* Shore Scripts staff and associates are unable to enter the Development Fund.

* You may enter a newer draft of an already submitted script or treatment for another read. There will be a small fee involved. To find out more follow this link to the Resubmission page: https://www.shorescripts.com/resubmission/

* The winners consent to Shore Scripts using their name, script title, and any other relevant information for promotional purposes on their website. This will be used to inform other contestants and the media of the results.

* If Shore Scripts helps a writer gain representation, option, sell, or have his/her screenplay produced, then we are entitled to state this on our website and any other platforms whenever we see fit.

* The decision of Shore Scripts is final. By applying to this fund each participant agrees to hold Shore Scripts, our judges, and sponsors immune from any competition disputes, claims, liabilities, and expenses.

* By entering Shore Scripts, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online, cloud-based, and email services and databases for hosting, managing, and/or sending/transmitting your submission file(s).

FOR ALL THE RULES & FAQ: https://www.shorescripts.com/rules-faq/#sdf-rules.