Festival concept:

“The Quarantine” is an international short film festival aimed at popularizing young and unknown authors among professional filmmakers’ circles. The festival is organized on completely voluntary basis, there are no screening fees and nobody receives any payment.

The festival takes place on the beach at “The Quarantine” fishing village which is the last standing fishing village in Varna, Bulgaria. The village is in danger of disappearing because a luxury residential complex is under construction on the coastline behind it. By provoking cultural exchange between contemporary artists from the whole world and locals, we intend to turn the fishing village into a culture and art zone and to preserve the fishermen’s way of life.

The name of the region “The Quarantine” comes from the past when sailors from commercial ships entering the harbor with suspicion of some kind of disease were taken ashore at the beach for the quarantine period of 40 days. In case they showed no signs of illness, they were allowed access to town. At present, the young authors who have still not found their realization are in the state of a “Quarantine” – isolated by professional filmmakers’ circles. In analogy to the history of the location, we decided to name the festival “The Quarantine”.

Goals and Tasks:

- Cultural exchange among young people who are having their debut in cinema, representatives of different cultures. Through their participation in the “The Quarantine Film Festival” their films will gain popularity and this will accelerate the entering of these authors in the cinematographic environment.
- Professional development of the young people through their participation in trainings, creative workshops and working meetings within the framework of the festival.
- Informal meeting with the artistic and academic circles.
- Aesthetic pleasure from the contemporary cinematography.
- Establishing international contacts and interaction with partner organizations.
- Protection of the uniqueness and urban format of the fishers’ village “The Quarantine”.
- Development of an alternative cultural center “The Quarantine”.
- Decentralization of cultural life in the city of Varna.
- Sustainable development throughout the years.

The Quarantine Film Festival

It's an international short film festival.
Films with duration of up to 30 minutes.
We accept films in one of the following categories: Fiction films, Documentaries, Animations, Experimental films and video art.
The entry fee is 5 USD. All gathered funds will be used to buy technical equipment and cover the festival expenses. By submitting your work you support our cause to preserve the fishermen’s way of life. The festival is organized on voluntary basis and nobody receives any payment.

Deadline - February 15, 2020.

The selected films will be notified till June, 2020.

Overall Rating
  • Gargantua Distribuzioni

    Thank you for rewarding Blue Matter by Andrea Gatopoulos among the best films of your festival. Honored!

    September 2020
  • Julian Rachev

    We spent five unforgettable summer nights, which went imperceptibly fast, thanks to the interesting selection of films from all over the world. The charming and clean location on the beach contributed to this great experience. We'll definitely come back here next year!

    August 2020
  • It was awesome! Lovely atmosphere and people. Very well selected films.

    August 2020
  • Mattia Mura

    A wonderful selection and a wonderful atmosphere. There's nothing bad I could say about this festival. It is one of my favourite organizations and one of my favourite events. People at Quarantine will do their best to make you feel confortable and at home. Through this event I discovered a wonderful country, I got many friends in international indipendent filmmaking and spent an unforgettable week. I really reccomend it!

    April 2020
  • Slava Doytcheva

    Wonderful, one of a kind experience - great setup, great location, great audience!

    August 2019