Kortfilmfestivalen / The Norwegian Short Film Festival is a short film festival with a competition programme for Norwegian and international short film, short documentaries and Norwegian music videos.


The Festival is an essential platform for both emerging and established filmmakers, arguably the most important showcase for the free, independent film industry in Norway. The competition programme for international short films attracts industry people from all over the world to Grimstad, and the festival facilitates industry events such as panels and presentations, talks and open discussions, and networking opportunities connecting Norwegian and international film professionals.

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an Academy Award® qualifying festival in the following categories:

*Norwegian Short Film
*Short Documentary
*International Short Film

The films receiving The Golden Chair Award in these categories will be eligible for Oscar® consideration.

THE GOLDEN CHAIR is the highest ranking Grand Jury Award in our four main categories:

- Best Norwegian Short Film
- Best International Short Film
- Best Short Documentary, International or Norwegian
- Best Norwegian Music Video


- THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best Norwegian Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK.
The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an Academy Award qualifying festival, and the winning film will automatically be in consideration for the Academy Awards.
The winning film will also be shortlisted for the Norwegian film award, Amandaprisen.

- THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best International Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK and will automatically be in consideration for the Academy Awards.

- THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best Documentary Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK presented by Aftenposten. Please note this is an international competition, with Norwegian and international short films in the same category.
The winning film will automatically be in consideration for the Academy Awards.
One of the Norwegian entries will also be shortlisted for the Norwegian film prize, Amanda Award.

- THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best Norwegian Music Video is awarded 50 000 NOK, presented by Oslo Fotokunstskole.

- THE TERJE VIGEN AWARD consists of a bronze statuette made by artist Harald Oredam and 10 000 NOK, and is presented by the Municipality of Grimstad to a Norwegian short film or documentary. The winning film will also be shortlisted for the Norwegian film award, Amandaprisen.

- THE SPARK AWARD / GNISTPRISEN goes to a Norwegian filmmaker exhibiting boldness and creative talent. It comes with a cash prize of 50 000 NOK presented by Altibox, in addition to marketing and distribution of the film on Altibox’ streaming service. 

- THE NORWEGIAN FILM WORKERS ASSOCIATION'S TECHNICAL AWARD / FAGPRISEN is given to an individual for their exceptional work and professional contribution to a Norwegian film in competition. It also comes with a cash prize of 10 000 NOK.

- THE HOURGLASS AWARD / TIMEGLASSET is presented by the Writer’s Guild of Norway to the creators of the best short script in the Norwegian short film competition. It comes with a cash prize of 15 000 NOK.

- THE NORWEGIAN FILM CRITICS' AWARD / FILMKRITIKERPRISEN goes to a Norwegian short film in competition. The award comes with a selected artwork by a Norwegian artist.

- THE AGDER COUNTY'S YOUTH AWARD is presented by a student jury from the Dahlske Upper Secondary School in Grimstad, with an award of 5.000 NOK that goes to a film in the International Short Film Program.

Films completed prior to this date risk disqualification.

- Submission deadline for International films: 15th February, 2022.
- Submission deadline for Norwegian films: 15th March, 2022.

If you have a hybrid film and are unsure where it would fit in, please contact us at submission@kortfilmfestivalen.no.

Short Films must not exceed 35 min running time.
Short Documentary Films must not exceed 40 min running time.

For International submissions: Only completed films are eligible for consideration, works in progress or unfinished films will not be considered.

For Norwegian submissions: The festival might consider a work in progress or an uncompleted film provided it will be locked and ready by 25th April, 2022.
The criteria for Norwegian entries are that the film's director or main producer is a Norwegian citizen or permanent resident.
If in doubt, please contact us at submission@kortfilmfestivalen.no

Please make sure you submit in the right category, if not you may risk disqualification and no refunds will be made.
Also make sure you have all the information, credits and technical specifications listed on your film's page. If selected, this is the information and images we will use online and in the program.

A pre-selection committee, appointed by the festival for each category, will watch all submissions and make the final selection. We are not able to give feedback on films or reasons for the committee’s decisions.

If selected for competition we require a projection copy or file, which must be delivered or transferred by April 25th, 2022. Standard format is DCP, but we accept other formats to convert.
NOTE: DCPs made using Wraptor are not compatible with most cinema servers, and will not be accepted.
For content included on our digital platform, we will also require a high res h264 file.

Selection notifications will be sent all filmmakers in the beginning of April 2022.

Submission fees by category:
Norwegian Short Films is 250 NOK
International Short Films is 150 NOK
Short Documentaries (International) is 150 NOK
Short Documentaries (Norwegian) is 200 NOK
Norwegian Music Video is 200 NOK

(Please note the Short Documentary competition consists of both Norwegian and International films)

Overall Rating
  • Rossella Laeng

    This was an incredible festival. From the networking opportunities to the insightful industry panels and fun activities (boat rides! Parties! Drag bingo!). It was like summer camp for adult filmmakers, and I didn’t want it to end. Also the planning was impeccable: the festival goes out of its way to assist financially by reaching out to embassies for sponsorship, offering meal vouchers, and housing attendees together. I really can’t say enough good things about it. If you’re fortunate enough to have your film selected, the trip to Grimstad is totally worth it.

    June 2022
  • Dimitris Tsakaleas

    Norwegian Short Film Festival was a blast!
    Great programme and line up, we loved that we had our world premiere there!
    Unfortunately only our producer was able to attend but she had a great experience!
    Hoping to be able to be back with our next film :)

    June 2022
  • Anders Petterøe

    Because of covid-19, the festival was mostly digital, but the people behind it have really made the best out of the situation! :) I can't wait for next year's live event.

    July 2021
  • Filmes do Gajo

    It was with great pleasure that we were part of your festival and watched many films at your online edition. The program showcased many various styles of documentary film, as it presented a wide overview of short film productions. Moreover the online platform was easy to access and all necessary information was shared in a convenient matter. Thank you!

    February 2021
  • Marina Dodis

    I had a great experience being part of this film festival as well as watching many excellent and innovative films. Thank you to all the staff for everything.

    July 2020