Welcome to the Muslim International Film Festival (MIFF), a groundbreaking cinematic celebration in the heart of London. MIFF proudly champions international Muslim filmmakers and their narratives, while also showcasing productions that celebrate Muslim talent in front and behind the camera and explore themes inspired by Muslim culture and faith, regardless of the filmmakers’ backgrounds.

At MIFF, our mission is clear: we aim to provide a vibrant platform for the world’s talented Muslim filmmakers and to spotlight their captivating stories while challenging misconceptions by ensuring authentic portrayals of Muslims on screen. Simultaneously, we welcome and honour filmmakers from all walks of life who are inspired to explore the rich tapestry of Muslim culture and faith in their works. Our festival serves as a bridge, connecting diverse voices and fostering cultural understanding through the medium of cinema.

MIFF is more than just a film festival; it’s a vibrant celebration of storytelling, cultural exchange, and creative collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey, where we illuminate the captivating world of international Muslim filmmakers and their inspiring stories. Together, we can create an enriching experience through the power of film.

The inaugural edition of MIFF will be taking place at London's West End, with our red carpet Opening Night Gala hosted at the Odeon Leicester Square and the rest of the festival at the Odeon West End where you can expect industry panels, networking opportunities, parties, and of course great films.

Jury Award
Audience Award

We are looking for films that have either been made by a filmmaker of Muslim faith, star an actor of Muslim faith, majority of the cast/crew are of Muslim faith, or are themed around Muslim life and culture.

Only films that finished production on the 1st January 2022 onwards will be accepted.


- Films can be in English or have English subtitles to be accepted.

- Short films must not exceed 40 minutes in length.

- Feature films must not exceed 150 minutes in length.

- Nudity, sexual themes, explicit sex scenes, explicit drug use, and similar content are not permitted.

- We do not have a premiere requirement, however we might prioritise films with a premiere status.

- Films can be submitted via online screener only.

- MIFF is not obligated to provide reasons for the non-acceptance of a particular film in the official selection nor feedback is provided.

- All submissions are final and no refunds are given after the submission of a project.

- By submitting your film, you agree to our terms and conditions.


- All selected films will have to provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to be screened. Failing to do so might result in failure to present your film.

- If not downloadable, all shipping costs of your DCP will be taken care of by the submitting party. No shipping costs will be transferred to TMIFF.

- If your film has not been classified by the BBFC then a blanket 18 rating will be applied by the local council. This means that no matter of the content of your film, no children under the age of 18 will be permitted to the screening.

- If selected, TMIFF is granted the right to use video and images of your film for promotional purposes. Selected films will be asked to provide promotional materials such as but not limited to trailers, a poster, and stills.

- If selected, your film must be available via online screener to the judging panel.