The Mosquers Film Festival is a short film competition that aims to educate, entertain, and build bridges through showcasing talent and the diverse Muslim experience. The Mosquers was formed in 2006 to create a long-term proactive plan to counter the media stereotypes of Muslims and the Islamic faith. Since then The Mosquers has become a recognizable organization in Canada and continues to attract increasing interest internationally. The evening comprises of a red carpet ceremony, screening of the short film finalists, a feature entertainment portion, and the awards presentation. The evening ends off with a mixer where attendees and participants have a chance to network in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

**To submit without having to pay a fee, please submit directly at**

**To submit without paying a fee for our virtual competition, please submit directly at**

Best Picture ($4000 CAD) - Best overall film that meets the Mosquers mission and vision using narrative, cinematography, editing, sound and mise-en-scène

Best in Technical Quality ($1000 CAD) - Best use of the visual and audio elements of film: cinematography, audio, score, sound effects, special effects, animation effects, visual effects, graphic art, etc.

Best Performance ($1000 CAD) - Best performance by actor or actress in an acting role.

People’s Choice Award ($1000 CAD) - Chosen by a live text-to-vote audience poll.

Best Local Picture ($2000 CAD) - Judges will view all entries from filmmakers residing in Alberta and select the film that meets the criteria for Best Picture. If the film was not selected for consideration for the four award categories above, it will still be screened at the Film Festival.

The Preview: A Virtual Competition

Best Smartphone ($500) - The winning film will need to be entirely shot with a smartphone (device type to be identified for eligibility), and will be judged based on a combination of technical merit, narrative capability, and how it encompasses the vision and mission of the Mosquers film festival.

Best Quarantine ($500) - Eligible films will require the entirety of the film to be shot within one household. The winning film will best encapsulate the Muslim experience and showcase the filmmaker’s creativity while being restricted to quarantine conditions.

Deadline for The Preview is August 31st, 2021

Entries are not limited to one award

The Mosquers accepts films from any genre: live action, animation, comedy, documentary etc. Furthermore, the competition is open to applicants from all over the world. Submissions must seek to satisfy at least one of the following objectives:

Showcase talents of Muslim filmmakers: Submissions could be about any topic as long as a member of the film making team identifies themselves as a Muslim.

Showcase the Muslim experience: We invite people of all faiths and opinions to submit to the Film Festival and showcase an experience with Muslims or Islam.

For a full set of guidelines, terms, and conditions read the Mosquers Submission Guidelines found at