Welcome to the sixth year of The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival!

The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival is an international film festival based in Toronto Canada. We are dedicated to showcasing the works of comedy filmmakers from around the world. We accept both short and feature films that consist of elements based on comedy. Our festival offers cash prizes based on audience vote.

We plan to feature 60+ films this year. We watch every film submitted.

The festival will be taking place from December 1st- December 2nd, 2023. Our selected films will be shown at The Royal Cinema.

We will be accepting film submissions from now until October 31st.. We will reveal the final selections on November 6th..

We also produce a Horror Film Festival. Please follow the links below if interested.


We are happy to announce that we will be producing screenings at The Royal Cinema throughout the year for local Toronto filmmakers. We will cover half the cost of the venue and organize the event for the filmmaker. We can also provide an afterparty on request. Submissions are free and all run times are accepted. Please submit and we can discuss booking details and prices.

The festival gives out the following awards:

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best International Film
Best Canadian Film

Ticket holders for the festival will have the opportunity to vote for best film of the film block they viewed. The film with the most votes will receive an American cash prize.

Best Short Film - $500 USD prize

Note: Our festival features multiple film blocks made from short films. We expect to give away two prizes this year. Two pr best short film blocks.

This may be subject to change based on how many film submissions we receive.

Entries must be related to comedy. This includes puppets, animation, performance theatre, web content and music videos.

Entries do not need to be premiers to be submitted

Short Film entries must be under 20 minutes in length

If selected to screen at the festival, entries must be provided in a high resolution (24 fps) ProRes QuickTime format. It is okay to submit films in a lower resolution to review for selection.

Only three entries per filmmaker

No refunds will be given

Foreign films are accepted but English subtitles must be added

The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival confirms that the festival has the permission to exhibit your film(s) during the festival and/or at any other festival event. Submission of work implies that the festival can employ moving image excerpts and reproduce stills of exhibition promotion. Credit will be given to any filmmaker or screenwriter if such material is used in festival promotion. The original copyright holder retains all rights to their work.

Overall Rating
  • Natalie Remplakowski

    Hosted my homecoming screening at this festival and couldn't have asked for a better experience! Loved screening at the Royal alongside the Toronto comedy and film communities. Highly recommend!

    March 2023
  • While I wasn't able to attend in person, we were privileged to screen this year at this great festival featuring a diverse array of short form comedy in a great venue in the heart of a great city. Excellent communication from the team at every step, with a personal touch that made me feel valued and appreciated - great job!

    February 2023
  • Ryan Kotack

    Loved seeing all the hilarious and diverse work. Beautiful venue!!

    December 2022
  • Adrian Wallace

    These guys know how to capture, curate, and present great Canadian talent in comedy and filmmaking. If there's a festival that's going to preserve the most daring and courageous of storytellers, it's one like Great Canadian Comedy festival.

    December 2022
  • Stephen Holmes

    Really great festival to be a part of. Great communication from the team behind it with nice personal feedback as well.

    December 2022