THE GREAT AMERICAN CHRISTMAS MOVIE FESTIVAL will provide INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS the opportunity to exhibit Christmas-themed family and faith friendly films to the public while competing for award recognition and prizes.

THE GREAT AMERICAN CHRISTMAS MOVIE FESTIVAL will also provide FAMILIES, TEENS, CHILDREN and THE PUBLIC, in general, the opportunity to celebrate the season together by enjoying high quality Christmas movies in a festive holiday atmosphere.

In addition, THE GREAT AMERICAN CHRISTMAS MOVIE FESTIVAL will provide ASPIRING FILMMAKERS the opportunity to obtain tips and techniques from successful independent filmmakers.

The festival will provide recognition and cash prizes for films, as follows:

AWARD LEVELS: Gold, Silver, Merit

AWARD CATEGORIES: Christmas Feature Film
Children’s Christmas Feature Film
Christmas Short Film
Children’s Christmas Short Film

SPECIAL AWARDS: Grand Jury Award – Feature Film
Grand Jury Award – Short Film
Audience Award – Feature Film
Audience Award – Short Film

Best Director Feature Film
Best Director Short Film
Best Screenwriting Feature Film
Best Screenwriting Short Film
Best Actor, Feature Film
Best Actor, Short Film
Best Actress, Feature Film
Best Actress, Short Film

THE GREAT AMERICAN CHRISTMAS MOVIE FESTIVAL is open to all independent filmmakers wishing to submit family and faith friendly Christmas-themed movies. The festival will select a minimum of 12 feature films (including children and family films) and a minimum of 12 short films (including children and family films). Film submissions may include animated films.

Feature films should run between 60 and 140 minutes and short films no longer than 15 minutes. Films running longer can submit a film are request an exemption

Works in progress may be submitted, but are juried the same as all other submissions.

Works must have been completed on or after November 1, 2018.

Entry fees are per film entered and must accompany the entry form for submission. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Fees shall be paid to "The 315 Company."

For screening purposes, entries will be accepted by secure online screening, DVD and video data files for screening purposes.