Wait for it! Watch for it! For two (2) weeks this fall, One Minute Silent Short Films will light up platform screens throughout Alberta, on the Edmonton Transit LRT system and the Calgary CTrain system, Edmonton Public Library locations and other screens around the city, bringing Media Art to Albertans ‘on the go.’ Miss a show in transit? You can watch the complete program online.


1st Place: $1000 (+prizes)
2nd Place: $500 (+prizes)
3rd Place: $250 (+prizes)
Best Animated Film: $250 (+prizes)
Best Non-Fiction Film: $250 (+prizes)
Best International Short: $250 (+prizes)
Best Film for Young Audiences: $250 (+prizes)
Best Local Youth Film: $250 (+prizes)
Spirit of Alberta Award: $250 (+prizes)
Audience Choice Award: $250

***Please note, due to international barriers, not all prizes are eligible to those outside of Canada, and prize money is subject to transfer fees. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Live-Action, Animation, Experimental, Documentary and Creative Non-Fiction

Filmmakers may submit a maximum of THREE one-minute silent shorts for the Jury’s consideration. A separate signed submission form must be provided for each film submitted

60 seconds (exactly!)

Silent (Subtitles & Title Cards permitted)

Apple Pro Res 422 or H.264 (10 Mbit/s minimum); 16:9, 1080p recommended; Frame Rate 29.97

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO INCLUDE THE FILM TITLE AND CREDITS IN YOUR FILM. The title and creator’s name appear beside the film at all times within a set GMFF frame on PATTISON Onestop LRT Screens and on a Title Card before each film on our showreels; longer credits will appear with the film on the GMFF website and in the GMFF print program.

There are no pre-determined themes for the festival, but among our slate of awards, we offer a “Best Short for Young Audiences (children)” award. We also offer two awards to local filmmakers: the “Spirit of Alberta Award” to a film that best expresses the spirit/character/beauty/complexity of your city; and a “Best Local Youth Short Award” for a film created by a local filmmaker 17 years and under.

As Public Art on Public Transit in Public Space, the Gotta Minute Film Festival will reach a general audience of all ages. Given the makeup of our audience, GMFF is unable to accept works that contain profanity or nudity, works that condone or incite violence, hatred, or discrimination, or works that are unduly frightening to children. With both the Edmonton & Calgary Transit Systems as our hosts, we also cannot accept works that detract from the image of the ETS or CT and/or its employees.

Please note, that due to international barriers, not all prizes are eligible to those outside of Canada, and prize money is subject to transfer fees. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please also read the Gotta Minute Film Festival Rules and Regulations below.

Overall Rating
  • Hamidreza Hdj

    thanks for your good festival

    October 2021
  • While this is a virtual festival, the level of engagement from the organizers is top notch. Well done and see you next year

    October 2021
  • Ian McQueen

    Una hermosa experiencia con nuestro cine minuto "Lucia" se agradece mucho la oportunidad. Le deseo toda la bendiciones del mundo! Viva Canadá! Saludos y bendiciones desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    October 2021
  • Frederick Kroetsch

    Love this festival. The films are short, silent, and screened everywhere. We need more festivals like this!

    October 2021
  • It's a really good and original festival. Online and on the train/train station. It's a really amazing proposition of cinema for people. Good communication with the directors.

    October 2020