“Through a celebration of classic and contemporary Western film, the Go West Film Festival explores social and environmental issues currently impacting the West, enhancing a deeper understanding of the nexus between Western myth and reality.”

Now in its seventh year, The Go West Film Festival continues to celebrate the genre of Western film annually in Greeley, Colorado. From the University of Northern Colorado and AIMS Community College campuses to the illustrious Kress Cinema and Lounge, we screen at several venues all over Greeley.

Best of Festival: The Go West "Tin Star"

Audience Favorite: The Go West "Bronze Badge"

GO WEST Short Films Submission Criteria

2- Approximately 30 minutes and under

Short films can be in any style; live-action, animated, or mixed media.

Submissions can be made to the Go West Film Festival by FilmFreeway (filmfreeway.com)


Submissions will be selected based on the following criteria: 1) technical quality, including visual elements, sound, and editing; 2) artistic quality, including the aesthetic experience offered to the viewer and, as applicable, the effectiveness of the actors; 3) story and the quality of the script (as applicable); and 4) adherence to the “Western” theme (more information below). Films selected for inclusion in the Go West Film Festival are chosen at the sole discretion of the GWFF Board of Directors.

If the short is chosen for exhibition, the filmmaker will be informed via email.

After notification of acceptance, the filmmaker must provide a copy of the film preferably on DCP format or downloadable file as well as a backup copy on DVD or Blu-Ray in (Region 1 NTSC). If the Go West Film Festival does not receive a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the film, Go West reserves the right to exclude it from the festival.

The Go West film Festival must receive your submission by August 1, 2020.

While Go West Film Festival does not offer filmmakers any monetary awards for the films it considers and accepts, the festival is committed to publicly acknowledging the accomplishments of its contributors. We extend to filmmaker participants the benefits of greater public awareness of their work through festival publicity, as well as the opportunity to meet and make connections with film festival organizers, programmers, film scholars, members of the business community, and other cinephiles.


In honoring both classic and contemporary Western film, the Go West Film Festival encourages a broad and creative interpretation of the “Western.” Submissions that address issues of race, gender and the environment are particularly welcome.

TRADITIONAL: A narrative piece taking place in the American West from the mid to late 1800s onward. Traditional Western narratives might typically involve, for example, cowboys, outlaws, frontier life, or other elements of the classic Western genre.

DOCUMENTARY: Documentary work might begin with questions such as the following: What does the West mean to you? What was your experience growing up in the West? Among other approaches, a non-fiction film might capture a day in the life of a rancher, farmer or another person whose identity is tied to the West; consider an issue of public concern in the West; or examine an aspect of Western history.

SUB-GENRE: Overlaps between the Western and other film genres have resulted in sub-genres. As examples, sub-genres include the road movie, the horror film, and science fiction films which retain an essential connection to the American West. We welcome creative ideas and new directions.

Please email us at: howdy@gowestfilmfest.org

Overall Rating
  • Jared LaCroix

    The Go West Fest was a great time! Our team very much enjoyed the curation of short films, the lovely theater space in which they were screened, the hospitality and good communication of the festival organizers, and the classy awards. Thanks Go West!

    February 2020
  • Chris Heady

    I REALLY enjoyed the level of attention and quality of the Go West Film Festival. While I didn't get to attend in person, the level of communication between filmmakers and the festival was excellent. I also just LOVED the film award trophies. They're metal sheriff's badges. My inner childhood was fully alive in the moment that award came in the mail. If you have a western, be sure to budget for this one!

    May 2019
  • Donna Guthrie

    Glad to be a part of this festival

    November 2018