The Future of Film is Female Short Film Fund awards individual financial grants (ranging from $500 – $1000) and post-production service in-kind grants three times a year. We continue to promote these films throughout production, theatrical or streaming release, in our committed approach to having a long-standing relationship with our filmmakers. Since beginning The FOFIF short film funding initiative in February 2018, we've been able to support over 35 filmmakers grants.

The Future of Film is Female is a non-profit organization that amplifies the work of all women and non-binary filmmakers through its funding, exhibition, and promotion programs. Our mission to support filmmakers early in their career through is achieved through our grant program for short films, our unique programming commitment to theatrical representation of films by women, our community building with women in the industry to facilitate necessary culture change, and through ensuring equal representation of BIWOC within all of our programs. We are committed to creating industry-wide partnerships to work in solidarity towards an equitable future of film.

For this Fall 2021 grant cycle we are awarding:

Individual financial grants of $500 – $1000 for one-to-three filmmaker project(s) in pre-production or post-production for 2-3 filmmakers.

*All FOFIF Short Film Fund Recipients will receive continuous promotion and assistance throughout production, theatrical or streaming release, including potential placement on The Future of Film is Female STREAMING.

We look at short films with women and non-binary filmmakers that are in Pre-production or Post-production. Our guidelines are as follows:

1) Preferred length is no more than 20 minutes.
2) We do not provide funding for student films, episodic works, explicit proof-of-concepts, or funding for festival submissions at this time.
3) Submissions are open to all genres: narrative, documentary, horror, science-fiction, etc.
4) International films are eligible.
5) Include as much information as you can (website, images, biography) so we can learn as much about you and your film as possible.

1) Attach your script or deck as a file.
2) Upload your previous work sample via the “Add Project File” as you would if you were submitting a finished film to a festival.
IMPORTANT: when applying for Pre-Production (i.e. research of a new project or submitting a script), you MUST include links to previous work. Pre-production submissions without this will be ineligible.

1) Submission must include a draft version of your film.
2) Films still in script mode are not eligible. Apply for pre-production.

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