The second edition of the Feminist Film Festival will take place in Bucharest, Romania, from the 13 to the 16 of October 2022.

The festival looks to explore issues related to feminism, particularly looking at feminist movements over the decades in order to understand where and why feminism came from, what its beginnings looked like, the things that have been achieved since and the work that still needs to be done.

We invite you to submit your latest works related to feminism and gender equality from the fields of fiction and documentary. We especially encourage films created by women.

We are looking for short films created in the last five years. The films must have English subtitles. Submission deadline is the 5th of June 2022.

Entries will be judged on the basis of originality and creativity, as well as the effectiveness in expressing the festival’s theme.

If you would like more information about the festival, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Be part of our Feminist October and join us in challenging gender roles and stereotypes!

Award for the Best short film attributed by the festival’s jury. The award will be money granted, the exact amount will depend on the funds raised.

A selection of film directors will be invited to Bucharest to take part in the festival, all costs covered.

1.1 The Feminist Film Festival is organised by A.R.T. Fusion Association, based în Bucharest, Marin Serghiescu 14, Sector 2, Bucharest.
1.2 The Feminist Film Festival will take place in Bucharest between 13-16 October 2022.
1.3 Film submissions will be open from 19 May 2022 until 5 June 2022.
1.4 There is no fee for the submission of films.
1.5 Films will be selected by a curator appointed by the Organiser. All submitted films will be considered for the award.
1.6 The participants of films selected for the Festival will be informed by e-mail by July 31st 2022.
1.7 The authors of the films selected will be asked by the Organiser to send a screening copy by electronic means within two weeks after receiving the selection notification.
1.8 Upon failing to meet the deadline of sending the copy, the Organiser has the right to refuse accepting the film and select another participant for the respective slot.
1.9 Information on the awarded film will be announced on the Festival’s website, social media and will be transmitted directly to the winners.

2.1 Proposed films are considered eligible if they were produced in the last five years. Films can be either fiction or documentary.
2.2 Films can be in any language, but they must have English subtitles - even the Romanian ones.
2.3 Films taking part in the Festival may be submitted by natural or legal persons and groups of people submitting as one participant that are producers who have the right to dispose of the submitted film, or who have received permission from the producer owning those rights.
2.4 The participant submitting a film to the Festival must possess copyright laws, which include music used in the film’s soundtrack. In any other case the participant is obliged to attach a statement defining the legal situation of the film.
2.5 The registration of a film gives A.R.T. Fusion Association the right to select it and screen it in the Feminist Film Festival.
2.6 The festival keeps the viewing material for the sole purposes of documentation, promotion and viewing of professionals for a maximum period of 6 months.

3.1 Submitters whose films have been selected to participate în the Festival are required to send the Organiser:
- Screening copy of the film in one of the formats: AVI, MP4 or MOV (suggested frame size 1080 * 1920). Screening copies should not contain hardcoded subtitles. Screening copies may be sent by electronic means.
- Dialogue list in English including time codes, în . SRT file and, preferably, transcription/dialogue list în original language for translation check
- Film information details (synopsis, 3 stills, director’s picture and bio, press kit)
3.2 Full list of requirements and deadlines in regard to the film copies and the necessary additional materials will be detailed when the official selection invitation is sent.

4.1 Upon submitting the film, the Submitter consents that the film will be screened free of charge during the Festival.
4.2 The film information details of the selected films will be featured on the festival’s official website, as well as press releases and other press materials.
4.3 The person who is submitting the film is responsible of the information they are giving to the Feminist Film Festival.
4.4 The Organiser reserves the right to decide on the final form of the presentation texts of the films included în its official publications and in press releases.
4.5 Parts of the Festival will be filmed for A.R.T Fusion's archive and for its promotion to the public. Members of the audience and participants that may appear in these parts cannot claim anything from the organising company.

Overall Rating
  • Buva Filmes

    We, Jessika and Beatriz, director and actress from the short film "Lux", are very glad to participate in The Feminist Film Festival alongside the productions of such talented and engaged women! We were happy for the space given for our art and message to reverberate. Much joy and gratitude from Brazil!

    October 2022
  • Mina Keshavarz

    Thank you so much for opening the festival with my film. it was very nice experience. I enjoyed many of films specially short documentaries.

    October 2021
  • Thank you for opportunity to show my film on this amazing platform in StPetersburg!
    And thank you for the prize!

    October 2021
  • I was very proud to be part of the festival with my film Love: One way ticket to Berlin. Unfortunately I couldn't join the screening phisically and I really missed it! The communication was super good and the festival team very professional and kind!

    September 2021