The East Village Queer Film Festival" (EVQ) celebrates queer film in all it's glorious diversity. We welcome filmmakers who entertain, explore and promote queer-themed issues and as well as the downtown avant garde. EVQ's further goal is community building through queer cinema. EVQ promotes the work of queer film and fosters a highly inclusive environment for all artists. You don't have to be LGBT to submit your film but you do have to be Queer!

EVQ will present awards for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best "Future Cult Classic" & Best Music Video

Overall Rating
  • Scott T. Hinson

    Great festival! Thank you EVQ!

    September 2018
  • Werther Germondari

    Unfortunately I could not attend the festival but the program I read was really nice and interesting. Communications have always been ready and kind.

    September 2018
  • Jody Wheeler

    I can't rank this festival highly enough!

    The venue is beautiful, the staff welcoming, and the projection system the match for any of the big-boys. What's more though, because it's still a scrappy fest, run with love, care, and passion, it's just damn fun. They are happy to have the filmmaker there. They are ecstatic about having our films there.

    What's more, they draw from the surrounding community a existed bunch of film fans, locals from the burroughs who are as dedicated to film as the staff is. They make for an engaged audience, full of great questions and comments. They, too, enjoy having us there.

    While there are larger and more prestigious festivals, EVQ is a festival that gets films, loves filmmakers, and pulls in a community that does the same. It's not only worth the entry fee, but your time going to, too.

    September 2018
  • Gary Jaffe

    Lovely, intimate festival at a lovely, intimate and hugely important cultural venue in a historic part of NYC. We felt so welcomed and embraced at EVQFF. Excited for many more great years to come for the festival! Perfect quality sound and projection too -- leagues better than a big Academy-Award qualifying festival we played at last summer!

    September 2018
  • Lorne Clarkson

    I had a wonderful experience. Great communication and thoughtful questions for the post film discussion.

    September 2018