The East Village Queer Film Festival" (EVQ) celebrates queer film in all it's glorious diversity. We welcome filmmakers who entertain, explore and promote queer-themed issues and as well as the downtown avant garde. EVQ's further goal is community building through queer cinema. EVQ promotes the work of queer film and fosters a highly inclusive environment for all artists. You don't have to be LGBT to submit your film but you do have to be Queer!

EVQ will present awards for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best "Future Cult Classic" & Best Music Video

Overall Rating
  • Sean Leviashvili

    The Event was amazing - the films I was featured with were absolutely beautiful and I was honored to be part of this lineup. Also, the event was held in such a professional manner - with banners, a step and repeat, photographers and a really amazing moderator to hold the post-screening discussions. This was a highlight of my summer.

    September 2019
  • Jay Russell

    A lovely festival in a great venue. My short played with 3 others which differed from a lot of other festivals where they put 7-10 shorts in one evening. Very intimate with a nice Q&A afterwards. Would highly recommend submitting to this festival.

    September 2019
  • Matt Emert

    I had a blast and was so honored to have my short screen during this festival. The venue is intimate and great for indie filmmakers, the staff was very welcoming and accommodating, and I loved having Q&A’s with the filmmakers after the programs each night. Thanks Wild Project!

    September 2019
  • Manuel Marmier

    I'm very happy to have been in NYC to present my film at the Eats Village Queer Film Festival.
    I was curious about how the audience could react to the screening and I was full satisfied.
    The Q/A was a good experience for me to explain some aspect of the film, and to listen what other directors said about their work.

    September 2019
  • Had my film screened at the 2019 East Village Queer Film Festival and I had a blast!!! Great selection of films and amazing vibes of both the space and people. Not to mention high quality projector and sound as well as thoughtful selection of hosts that keeps the q&a engaging and personal! Highly recommended!

    August 2019