DRFF is a speciality festival event dedicated to providing you professional coverage on your demo reel.

Be it your

Writing Reel
Directing Reel
Cinematography Reel
Cam Op Reel
Producing Reel
Acting Reel
Editing Reel

Winners receive the "Up and Coming ________ " in each of the seven categories.

You'll receive laurels to add to the beginning of your demo reel to stand out from the crowd and get hired for that next gig!

Each reel will be reviewed and receive coverage however only the seven winners will have their reels added to the Demo page at Demoreelfilmfestival.com

Filmmakers must be at least 18 years old to enter and you must submit via a youtube link or saved file to submit

demo reel must be between 1-3 minutes. Not meeting this requirement will bar you from coverage.

Coverage is a one way document, meaning you will receive your critique but it will not result in a continued dialogue between yourself and the panel. Questions can be submitted but there is no guarantee for free follow up dialogue between the two parties.

You retain ALL RIGHTS to your demo reel and DRFF does not obtain rights to any of your content.

By submitting you are formally agreeing to allow your demo reel to be posted on our official website if you win. You can request it to be removed after the announcements.

the 7 winning reels will appear online for six months before being removed and allowing for our second annual year promotions to take place. You may not be notified specifically at this point.

You can submit more than one reel as long as you pay the submission fee for each one and they may be in different categories if you wish.