The Dark Fest is a film and script award festival.

We accept feature films, short films, short film scripts and digital media projects in the following genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, film noir, and Thriller. Including any cross-genre films that strongly incorporate at least one of these genres. Feature films are in award competition only and will not be screened.

Films are in competition for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plaques and prizes.

Fan films are also accepted.

Additional winning categories will receive laurels and digital certificates.

All winning projects will be featured in our awards ceremony video.

1. Our judges will watch every single submitted film in full. We owe that to you.

2. Our festival does provide FREE plaques and certificates as well as prizes, you will never have to pay for an award plaque or certificate. We owe that to you.

3. Our directors will make sure to update the status of your submission in a timely manner so that you are fully aware of your submission process. We owe that to you.

4. We will listen to your critical feedback and we will do our best to continue to make The Dark Fest one of the best festivals for filmmakers. We owe that to you.

The Dark Fest will award a total of 48 awards.

The following prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Best Short Film:
1st Place Winner Plaque

2nd Place Winner certificate

3rd Place Winner certificate

Best Short Script:
1st Place Best Short Script Plaque

2nd Place Winner certificate

3rd Place Winner certificate

Best Category Award:
Sci-Fi, Noir, Thriller, Horror, Dark Humanity, Dark Comedy

1st Place Best Short Script Plaque

2nd Place Winner certificate

3rd Place Winner certificate

With the following additional special award certificates:

Jury Award (Judges overall favorite project)

Creativity Award (the project that shows the best signs of creativity)

Merit Award (the project that shows exceptional talent no matter the budget)

*Additional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd awards are presented via a digital certificate:
Best: Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer, Actor, Score, Concept

*No plaques, prizes or certificates will be provided for these categories, digital certificates only.

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Films must be submitted via an online screener and must be downloadable. If you fail to supply us with a screener before the event, the film will be disqualified.

You will give The Dark Fest rights to screen and promote your film during the run of the festival year in which you submitted your film or script.

At The Dark Fest, we value story over anything else, we do not judge projects based on their budget, every filmmaker has an equal opportunity to shine no matter what their film cost.