The Cans Film Festival is a unique DIY "open-projector"-style event meant to give filmmakers another opportunity to show their work, keep their artistic spirit alive, and connect with each other and their local community -- through can and bottle recycling deposits!

The State of Michigan is proud to be one of the few States with a Can and Bottle deposit system in which Michiganders pay 10 cents upfront for every can and bottle they purchase and can redeem the 10 cents by recycling them at almost every grocery store across the State.

In a spirit of pride for keeping the Great Lakes State clean, the price of admission to the festival is simply a donation of cans or bottles. At the end of the night, audiences vote for their favorite film of the evening, with all the proceeds going directly to the filmmakers! This way, we not only support our local artists but also encourage recycling and environmental responsibility.

Celebrating Michigan’s Filmmakers
Our festival is dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of short films created right here in Michigan by Michiganders. We invite local filmmakers to submit their short films of 15 minutes or less, across any genre or subject matter. Not only will selected films be screened to an enthusiastic audience of film lovers and fellow artists, but the money from the cans and bottle deposits go on to directly support the filmmakers of the evening!

Get Involved
We invite all Michigan filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and environmentally conscious community members to participate in this exciting event. Submit your short film, donate your cans and bottles, and join us for an evening of locally made films and community spirit. Together, we can celebrate local talent, support our artists, and contribute to a greener future!

Ranked Choice Audience Vote:
At the end of the night, all audience members can vote for their favorite film with a ranked choice ballot, and based on the results, the can and bottle deposit proceeds will be split among the filmmakers of the evening. It's a unique way to directly support your local filmmakers.

Also, we highly encourage audiences to TIP YOUR FILMMAKERS!

While there is no limitation on film category or subject matter, submissions must conform to these guidelines:

• Up to 16 minutes runtime.
• Must be related to the state of Michigan (e.g., by content, location, the film creators/crew, etc.) Please note this in your cover letter or other submission material.
• You may submit more than one film to this event, but we will only pick one film per filmmaker (producer or director) to screen at any one event.

All submissions will be reviewed and curated by the Cans Film Festival Board. If accepted, you must supply a presentation copy of your film.