CFF is the first outdoors film festival of its kind in Lebanon. The festival, which was launched in 2009 by “Laboratoire D’art”, has become an annual short film event which celebrates and promotes local and international short films as an independent form of art in a non-competitive public event, away from competition, prizes and entrance fees.

This year, the theme of CFF has been set as "DARE".

Truth or Dare? No. We are changing the name of the game this year.

Dare to speak the truth no matter how hard it is; no matter how scared and defenseless you think you are.
Dare to advocate for integrity and stop misinformation and the spread of fake news.
Dare to care for vulnerable people and for the elderly.
Dare to fight for children’s rights to peace, security, education, healthcare and love.
Dare to be a change maker on any scale your influence can reach.
Dare to take your responsibilities and fight your own demons.
Dare to free yourself from unnecessary physical and emotional burdens.
Dare to make the world a better place…

Is the theme of Cabriolet Film Festival’s 12th edition challenging enough for you?

The space the festival provides keeps on pushing the boundaries for freedom of expression and for the exchange of ideas, perceptions and experiences.

From Lebanon and around the world we invite you to join us on this daring and bold experience!

Welcome to our 12th edition of Cabriolet Film Festival in Beirut, the city of daring souls.

The main purpose of the CFF is to bring short films to the public, right in the streets of Beirut, free of entrance and away from competitions. Therefore, no prizes or awards are part of this public event.

Short films that revolve around the definition of CFF 2020's theme (DARE) and which have been produced in previous years, not as final projects, and by sophomores, juniors as well as seniors are all welcomed.

The duration should not exceed 20 minutes and subtitles in French or English are a must in case of foreign language, to be submitted before April 7th of 2020 through:

While submitting your short films, kindly select the right category to guarantee its proper admission.

Last but not least, Lebanese movies must be submitted along with the official authorization by the General Security Offices for projection rights.