SEASON-1 2022-2023:

The Festival committee will notify submitter within 72 Hours.

The Black Panther International Short Film Festival is a three-month contest repeated four times a year. A quarterly online awards competition is dedicated to recognizing screenwriters, filmmakers, cast, and crew for high-quality work. We accept short films of all genres. Our mission is to encourage and support filmmakers throughout the world in order to provide the recognition they deserve. We understand the amount of effort, commitment, and dedication that goes into creating high caliber visual and written media. Likewise, we realize how important it is for creators who achieve success in various film-making aspects, to be recognized for their successes. This recognition acts as independent corroboration to studios, production companies, casting directors, producers, and even potential investors; for writers,actors, and filmmaker who demonstrate skill and expertise in their craft.

The Black Panther International Short Film Festival operates as an independent awards online event. Submissions are adjudicated,but do not screen publicly. We will not in any way display your materials, with the exception of a poster, screenshot,and/or trailer posted on our website or social media accounts, because we do not want to jeopardize your premier and/or distribution status. We receive all of our submissions by online. Their work is privately screened every quarterly and evaluated by a team of experts in the industry.

We will announce that the final ceremony of the BPISFF Jury Choice Awards 2021-2022 ,from any categories,first one selected project will be receive 150 USD cash prize and second one will be receive 100 USD cash prize and third one will be receive 50 USD cash prize also this top 3 winners has a right to purchase trophies if they wish.

The quarterly winners are nominated, awarded, and honored on our website and social media accounts. A certificate and laurel, which can be digital, are sent free of charge to all award winners. We will announce that at the final ceremony of the BPISFF Jury Choice Awards 2021-2022, the first project to be selected will receive a cash prize of 150 USD, the second one will receive a cash prize of 100 USD, and the third one will receive a cash prize of 50 USD. The top three winners will also be able to purchase trophies if they choose. Submissions can also add additional categories, increasing their chances of winning multiple awards.

We will award the overall winners live at the BPISFF Jury Choice Awards 2021-2022 ceremony in July 2023 at Kolkata the Cultural Capital of India.

BPISFF Documentary
BPISFF Animated Shorts
BPISFF Social Message Shorts
BPISFF Experimental Shorts
BPISFF Drama Shorts
BPISFF Sci-Fi Shorts
BPISFF Comedy Shorts
BPISFF Horror Shorts
BPISFF Thriller Shorts
BPISFF Film Noir Shorts
BPISFF Mystery Shorts
BPISFF Children Shorts
BPISFF Fantasy Shorts
BPISFF Action Shorts
BPISFF Romance Shorts
BPISFF Black&White Shorts
BPISFF Environmental Shorts
BPISFF Horror Shorts
BPISFF Indie Shorts
BPISFF Women Shorts
BPISFF Human Rights
BPISFF Music Video
BPISFF Trailer/Teaser
BPISFF Director
BPISFF First Time Director
BPISFF Screenplay
BPISFF Producer
BPISFF Actress
BPISFF Child Actor/Actress
BPISFF Cinematography
BPISFF Soundtrack
BPISFF Background Score
BPISFF Mobile Short/Experimental/Documentary Film
BPISFF Makeup and Hairstylist
BPISFF Production Design
BPISFF Costume Design
BPISFF Supporting Actor/Actress
BPISFF Original Concept


All decisions of the jury are final.

Students must present their valid Student ID.

1.Project not exceed 30 minutes but sometimes festival will be consider under 2 hour duration project, it's depends on projects content.
2.Non-English films must be subtitled in English.
3.Winner Film selection will be based on:-
Creative and Technical merit – Story line, narrative, Subject treatment, Direction, Technical aspects (i.e., Cinematography, Screenplay, acting, music etc)
4.To submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
5.Entry fees are non-refundable.
6.Films with a completion date after January 2014, films with a completion date later than the previous year’s festival dates will be given preference.
7.Festival have rights to change the Date of event.
8.BPISFF Fest cannot provide refunds for submissions that do not meet eligibility criteria or are otherwise deemed to be disqualified under these regulations.
9.BPISFF Fest can use trailer/teaser/film poster/stills or BTS for promotional purpose (but do not release, under any form or circumstances, the full short film).
10.Films that doesn’t match category will be disqualified.
11.The film, including all copyrights, remains the property of the author.
12.By submitting to BPISFF you give festival permission to private screening your film in year-round programme, if your film will be the best of quarterly round.
13.No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection.
14.One can submit more than one Entry, but separate submission forms should be filled up for each Entry with separate Entry Fee, Consent Letter and other attachments.
15. All information of the festival will be given in the Facebook page or Festival Website.
​16. Regarding selection Jury decision will be Final.

Overall Rating
  • Sheldyn Moore

    The Black Panther International Short Film Festival was a joy to be a part of. This was my 1st International presence as a creative. Super cool to have been a part.

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your review - very much appreciated, Sheldyn!

  • Ken Sagoes

    We are honored and deeply appreciative that your festival selected our short film "The Secret Weapon: Yesterday IS Today" as a Semi-Finalist. The festival has outstanding communication and is well-run. May the festival keep giving filmmakers a stage that encourages imagination and self-expression.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Ken for your kind words. It was a pleasure watching your work.

  • Anton Mitchell

    It was an Honour to receive an “Honorable Mention “ from the Black Panther International Short Film Festival in three categories: Short Film| Screenplay| Editor for my Film “Mr. Trumble” I’m looking forward to submitting my future film projects. Thanks again for a rewarding opportunity.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    It was a pleasure watching your work and we wish you the very best with your next project. Thank you Anton :)

  • We are so happy and so honored to participate in the festival with "Vanish- No one can escape...." film. It’s a great experience to get the award at this great festival with good communication, we appreciate very much that the jury has decided that our film will be in the award winning selection. I highly recommend submitting your work to them.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Deep for your kind words.

  • Kelvin Lewis

    A pleasure to work with. It's a honor to place at this festival. This team was very responsive and professional. We hope to submit projects in the future!!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Kelvin for your kind words. It was a pleasure watching your work and we wish you the very best with your next project.