Welcome to The Athletic Coup Film Festival, where we shine a spotlight on the captivating world of athletic action and excellence in motion. Our festival is a celebration of both professional and amateur athletes, and a journey of discovery that takes us to the most interesting sports in the most fascinating places around the world.

Set against the birthplace of physical excellence in Athens, Greece, our festival is dedicated to showcasing the dynamic world of athletic action and excellence on the big screen.

Through the art of film, we showcase the incredible stories and accomplishments of athletes who push their limits and break new ground. Join us as we uncover hidden gems of the sports world, performed in remote landscapes or the backyards of bustling city streets, and shine a light on the diverse and vibrant tapestry of athletic pursuits.

Through the lens of cinema, we bring to life the passion, dedication, and triumphs of athletes from all walks of life, inspiring audiences to dream big and strive for greatness.

The Athletic Coup Film Festival promises to be a captivating journey that celebrates the indomitable spirit of athletes and the power of storytelling. Come join us in Athens, Greece, and embark on an unforgettable cinematic adventure that captures the essence of athleticism in its purest form.

Filmmakers of selected films benefit of the inclusion in a global PR campaign powered by The Coup public relations, www.thecoup.de

We are open to all formats, from authentic documentaries to awe-inspiring shorts, features, comedies, cartoons, experimental films, brand films!

Our selection process is based on five pillars. Each film must meet ONE of these pillars:

1) athletic, self-motivational inspiration

2) the rarity of the sport depicted

3) a unique or special place where the sport is being played or practiced

4) the community aspect of the sport being featured

5) education about the health benefits of physical activity.

Judges (to be extended):
Melanie Marten, The CoupĀ®
Jazz Gill, SPARBARĀ®