The Asian Rivers Film Festival is an International Film Festival first held right by the river.
As the name implies, this festival is the theme of "Waters". This festival is the first film festival with a special film theme about river life,
involving participants from the independent film community around the world with different backgrounds,
it also aims to raise the image of Palembang as a great civilization of the world water city past,
and at the same time build awareness of the world community about the importance of the river as the lifeblood of a city.
Held in an old house with a 300-year-old courtyard located just off the Musi River.
The Asian Rivers Film Festival is also expected to make Palembang has its own attraction for foreign tourists in the future.

Special Award and Prizes

1.River Documentary, and short film
2.Film themed life in the river or river background
3.General Films (features, animation, clips)
4.Duration is not restricted.