Prepare to take your storytelling to the cosmos and beyond with "The AI Files: Screenwriting Challenge."

This inaugural competition challenges you to craft a compelling suspenseful narrative that revolves around the main themes of artificial intelligence or alien intelligence. You have the creative freedom to explore the uncharted territories of human-machine interaction, first-contact scenarios, or entirely new dimensions of intelligence. The only constraint is that there must be a reference to TIME TRAVEL somewhere in the story.

Unleash your creativity and imagination as you craft a short script that delves into the mysteries of AI or alien intelligence -- whether you're envisioning a futuristic world where AI dominates or a modern-day invasion of extraterrestrial beings, this competition is your chance to bring these captivating themes to life.

"The AI Files: Screenwriting Challenge" is open to original short scripts in the English language by writers of any nationality, living anywhere in the world.

We offer enticing prizes for the most innovative and engaging screenplays, along with opportunities for recognition and exposure.

Our panel of expert judges will evaluate entries based on creativity, storytelling, character development, and adherence to the theme.

* $500 cash prize (U.S. dollars) for the 1st PLACE winner
* $250 cash prize (U.S. dollars) for the 2nd PLACE winner
* $100 cash prize (U.S. dollars) for the 3rd PLACE winner

These are the general rules but please visit our website for the full list of guidelines.

1. For this challenge, we invite writers to explore artificial intelligence and alien encounters with a focus on time travel. The genres we're accepting are HORROR, SCI-FI, or FANTASY. The story should reference TIME TRAVEL. This could be as simple as simple as a character saying: "Hold on, Alice, are you sure this is a good idea? Time travel can have unpredictable consequences."

2. The script should be in English.

3. An already-optioned or sold script cannot be submitted. TV pilots will not be accepted.

4. The script should be no less than a maximum of 10 pages long in the recommended industry format. The title page is not included. There are only two things that should be on the title page of your script: The script title. Your name.

5. We do not accept scripts via mail or email.

6. Please retain a copy of your script as submissions will not be returned.

7. Scripts must be original and 100% human-generated. 

8. Your entry constitutes acceptance of The AI Files: Scriptwriting Challenge Award Rules (see above). **see the FULL LIST of guidelines at our website:**