Terror on the Plains Horror Film Festival combines the best of short, independent horror films with classic Hollywood thrillers. Founded in 2012, Terror Fest KC is a short horror film competition featuring films (10 mins and under) from independent filmmakers all over the world.

Terror on the Plains is generously hosted by the Boulevard Drive-In in Kansas City, KS. and we are once again returning to the Boulevard for a night of thrill, chills, good food, fun, maybe a few beers -- all with some of the most kick ass horror fans on this planet.

TERROR ON THE PLAINS THE NINTH will be held Sept. 18 and 19 at the Boulevard Drive In in Kansas City, KS.

Make sure you have entered all the information we need to determine what category you may be eligible.

BEST FILM -- sponsored by IGNITION FX


BEST LOCAL FILMMAKER in KS/MO (David Berry Award) -- sponsored by KC Film

BEST YOUNG FILMMAKER (20 and Under) -- sponsored by KCAI Continuing Education

TERROR FAVORITE (audience vote) -- sponsored by Film Society KC

Films MUST be under 10 minutes in length (including titles and post-credits). NO EXCEPTIONS.

Submission fee in 2019: $15 for ALL FILMMAKERS. No waivers.

Deadline for submission: Aug. 16, 2020

Films must have been filmed within a two-year period of current festival.

Your film must fit within one of the sub-genre of horror, but we here at TERROR ON THE PLAINS know that what we each perceive as "horror" is subjective (thriller, psychological, satire, spoof, shock, supernatural, slasher, gore, etc.)...questions? Just ask.

Please use original music or music you have permission to use. Seriously.

If you qualify for the Best Local Filmmaker Award or the Best Young Filmmaker (20 and Under) Award, be sure to note your age and location in your submission on FilmFreeway in order to be eligible for one of the local awards. See below for qualifications.

Live action, stop-motion, computer and traditionally animated movies are eligible for submissions.

All films that are nominated for one of the four pre-determined nominee categories (Best Horror Film, Best International Film, Best Local Filmmaker, Best Young Filmmaker) will screen on night one of the TERROR ON THE PLAINS INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL; but not all films that screen that night will be up for nominations and awards. i.e. your film could not receive a nomination and still screen at our festival or be invited to screen and not be up for a nominated award.

The short film competition is night one of TERROR ON THE PLAINS. Not all films submitted will screen. We generally screen roughly 2.5 hours of short films. That number is flexible each year depending on our submissions.

The TERROR ON THE PLAINS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL committee will determine nominees for categories. You do not need to submit your film for a category.

Terror on the Plains Awards:

Best Horror Film
Best International Horror Film
Best Local Filmmaker "The David Berry Award"
Best Young Filmmaker
Audience Choice

Overall Rating
  • William Davis

    Thank you, Terror on the Plains Horror Film Festival! We are thrilled to have won "Best Horror Film" for "Look Twice". Although we were not able to attend the festival, the communication was excellent. We were always up to date on everything happening. Plus, I love the fact that the films are screened in a drive-in theater. We definitely want to attend in the future!

    October 2019
  • harinarayan rajeev

    We were glad to have our short film ADIMA selected into the festival even though we couldn’t personally attend, we were very happy with the support from the festival team as they were pro actively answering all our doubts and questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    October 2019
  • Jason Turner

    A good festival with a extremely unique venue. It was pleasant to see our film play out. Unfortunately, it rained and not many people saw our film as many left. (Not the festival or venue's fault, of course.) I only have a couple of suggestions for the venue. Being a cash only operation is a bit of a pain. I understand it's more of a vintage feel, but not everyone feels comfortable pulling cash from a local ATM. The other suggestion is upgrading the projector. Most of the horror genre has dark moody photography, and a higher wattage projector could be seen better. For the festival runners, I suggest a final showcase of the top films at an indoor venue for the awards ceremony. Otherwise, a very cool experience. Would submit again. :D

    October 2019
  • Erik Van Lenten

    We're so happy to have entered Terror on the Plains Horror Film Festival! It was an absolute honor to win the 2019 Audience Favorite award for our short film, Terror Road!
    Although we were not able to attend the event, the communication, organization, and updates from the staff were excellent. We will definitely enter again next year, and hope to attend!

    October 2019
  • Couldn't attend but the festival looked fantastic (it's at an authentic drive-in, and there were many cars parked from looking at the photos!). That said, was informed via email that my film was up for the 'Best Foreign Film" award, however its title wasn't included on the official photos posted that listed the films up for the award. I pointed this out and it was acknowledged via email with an apology, but never corrected online — made me hesitant to state that my film was up for the award as it would've looked like I was lying to anyone who bothered to double check or visit the facebook page when I linked to it. When it came time for the live-streamed announcement (which is a very cool thing to do, especially for filmmakers who couldn't travel in), the festival neglected to announce all the titles up for the foreign film award, noting they had incorrect info in their printed list in hand and after naming two of the 4 films, "Well that's wrong.. I screwed this up, sorry. Anyways the winner is..." I was watching live, and had linked the stream for others too. All in all, the organizers were kind and responsive via email, and while I'm sure the festival is generally very well organized and that all other films in the fest had no issues in this and previous years, in this one instance I ended up pretty disappointed.

    October 2018