The first annual Terrifying Thai Film Festival, took place at Somtow’s World, a unique artistic complex nestled in the hills of Khao Yai National Park, has just finished! Check out some of the photos on this page — and get ready for the next big incarnation!

For the Second Festival, we’ll experiment with having the venue in Bangkok, at the beautiful Oasis Theater location.

Please note that owing to an unexpected issue, the winners will be announced at the scheduled date (Feb 4), but we will have the actual physical screenings and in-person part of this festival on March 9/10. All the winners except of course for the audience favorite which will have to wait for the physical screening will be announced on schedule so you will have time to prepare to appear in person if you are a winner.

We are an in-person mini-festival which features workshops by film professionals, panel discussions by Thai and international film personalities, and of course … horror! … including an all-night film program curated by best-selling horror novelist, composer and filmmaker, past president of the Horror Writers’ Association, S.P. Somtow … and a special competition for short subjects with award ceremony!

The first festival included such guests as Brian Yuzna, taking a Q&A via Zoom, Mattie Do, the most celebrated Lao woman director, and get acquainted with her award winning film The Long Walk (Bo Mi Wan Jak) Paul Spurrier, the first non-Thai to make a Thai language horror film, the legendary Phi, as well as local horror film actors like Jim Meesri, Betsy Palmerston, horror makeup expert Montri, and many others.

Submit your short genre film to the festival and have a chance to win the first Sayam Sayong Award! Feature films by invitation only.

And throughout the weekend, enjoy delicious food and wine, selected by Pink Dynasty.

This year's competition is for SHORT SUBJECTS only. Every work selected for competition will be screened live at the festival as there will be an audience award as well as juried awards. It is up to you to decide whether your film will suit the theme of the festival, but the theme will be interpreted loosely enough that films of any genre, live action or animated, as long as they have a certain "dark" sensibility, will be considered. If you have a feature-length film, send us a note as we are not having a competition for feature films, but would consider inviting an interesting film for in-person screening as an official selection. (Feature-length film will be by invitation only.)

The GOLDEN C’THAILU Award will be awarded at the judges’ pleasure to the most distinguished entries.

The judges may create any categories as deemed appropriate, including awards for direction, best short subject, cinematography, script, acting, music, and any other category. The judges are not obliged to award each category. There will be student awards in additional to general awards. The number of awards is solely in the discretion of the judges. The physical awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on the last day of the festival.

1. Your submission must not be longer than 26 minutes, and delivered in a format appropriate for screening. Highest resolution recommended.
2. It must have been created within the calendar years 2022-2025
3.We do not demand that the work be a premiere, but premieres will receive better consideration.
4. Your submission may be in any genre, but should be connected with the Festival's theme in some way.
5. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.
6. This is an in-person festival and you are encouraged to attend if your work is an Official Selection.

Overall Rating
  • Robin Rippmann

    Unfortunately I couldn't attend the festival due to a scheduling conflict, so I can't speak to most aspects of the festival. The communication however, was a bit lacking. I received the necessary information regarding deliverables and the festival schedule. Apparently we won an award, so I inquired about the possibility of shipping the certificate, but this email, as well as one checking to see if everything was alright with the deliverables, went unanswered.

    June 2024
  • Beatrice Benedek

    We are very grateful to have been selected for this film festival. Thank you to the organisers for selecting us. The communication went well, we would have loved to be there in person, but unfortunately it wasn't possible on this occasion - it would be sad to think that we didn't hear anything back regarding award outcomes because of our absence. We would have appreciated getting a note on whether or not we were lucky to be awarded - we assumed we haven't after we've not heard anything back.
    All in all, it was a pleasant experience and wish the team best of luck in the next editions.

    February 2024
    Response from festival:

    Dear Beatrice, The standard this year was much, much higher than last year and we regret we couldn’t award everyone ... as you may know from our website, we are screening ALL the selections on March 9/10 so there is still a chance of winning an audience award though the jury selections are all done...

  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival!

    February 2024
  • The Mad Scientists Movement

    We were extremely excited to screen at the Terrifying Thai Film Festival. But after the screening, and winning a award, the communication completely stopped. We have never heard from them again.

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Dear Marijn, shortly after the festival, my father and the father of Premika, the other organizer of the festival, died and there was a period of chaos. The physical awards are still being manufactured, but we will gladly send you a digital certificate suitable for framing. We apologise for the long delay in getting back to organizing the next festival.

  • Great Film Festival, good communication.

    February 2023