The Iranian sports film festival is the sole representative of the sports film federation (FICTS) which is considered as the preliminary stage of sports films and is responsible for selecting World FICTS challenge-sports E-motions film productions. This festival aims to create a platform for filmmakers, organizers and producers to interact and compete, find young talents and contribute to the expansion of knowledge and experience in line with the country’s athletic policies; FICTS is dedicated to supporting the production of sports films in various forms and fields. The 11th round of this event will be held sponsored by the ministry of sport and youth, the Olympic and Paralympic committee, the ministry of culture, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and other organizations collaborating with the Iranian Worker Sport Federation in order to choose the best entries in the final stage of World FICTS Challenge 2018. The entries must be focused on sports and athletic endeavors and serve to enhance the spirit of Olympic and the values it represents.
- Spiritual values
- Ethics and respect
- Fair play and champions conduct
- Generosity and compassion
- Modesty and forgiveness
- Physical and mental health
- Teamwork
- Mindful words, thoughts, and behavior

Festival objectives and subjects
FICTS aims to spread the knowledge and diffusion of sports movies and videos that, in different artistic forms and languages, contribute to the development of artistic and cultural trends in TV and movies. The goals of this event are promoting the quality of sports images, encouraging producers to broadcast their images to highlight the Olympic spirit as a long legacy of athletic excellence, promoting Olympic values and culture of sports through the power of real images and motion pictures, encouraging communication and collaboration among all those who work creatively in the field of sports, stimulating and spreading the study, discussion and knowledge of creative and cultural issues related to audiovisual media. The festival will also hold peripheral events including special projections and workshops.
The festival will receive all television shows, movies and new media productions dealing with sports, athletes, champions and other influential figures continuing a legacy of athletic excellence.

Entries must be produced later than 2014 and must participate in the festival for the first time.
There is no limit on the number of entries to the festival
Entries for assessment must be submitted to the festival before the final deadline in H264, MP4 or MPEG 2 along with the online registration form and reference number.
Once approved for competition the festival will use the same file for final assessment, therefore the entries must be subtitled and in full.
The applicant must submit a screenshot with 1500*1000 pixels and the director’s photograph with 250*300 pixels.
The submitted entries must include the title and duration of the films, the filmmaker’s name, and the director’s phone number as well as the registration reference number.
The festival will not be held accountable for possible damages to the submitted material upon delivery.
Once approved for competition the entries can no longer be removed.
Each entry must be delivered on a single DVD or verified download link.
All entries approved for the competition will receive a certificate from the festival.
Low-quality entries not in line with technical standards will be removed from the competition section.
Registration and submission of entries to the festival means that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.
No awards will be presented jointly to more than one entry.
The festival will not accept registrations after the final deadline.
The festival director reserves the right to make decisions regarding unforeseen circumstances.

Overall Rating
  • Ratna Chakraborty

    Worth submitting in this film festival. The organisers are very communicative and cordial.

    February 2018
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Thank you very much for selecting our short film. Thanks

    February 2018