Taormina renews a special bond with cinema and its international film festival which boasts a 66-year long history. The event will be held from June 28 to July 4 in Taormina, Sicily, South Italy.

Throughout its glorious history the festival has showcased the brightest international stars and most acclaimed excellences of Seventh Art, hosting in the “Pearl of the Ionian” some of most prestigious interpreters and authors of contemporary cinema. As established tradition, the festival revolves around an international competition which will see feature films and documentaries from countries of different cultures.

Selected works will be subjected to the evaluation of a first-class jury, in 2019 headed by three-times Academy Award winner director Oliver Stone. In addition, popular and long-awaited premieres will be screened every evening in the evocative setting of the Ancient Theatre, the most beautiful outdoor cinema in the world. During the film week, Taormina Film Fest will also have the pleasure to host countless celebrities of the silver screen who will take part to the preview of their latest works and will impart proper “leçons de cinéma” – in 2019 Taormina Film Fest hosted Academy Award winner actresses Nicole Kidman and Octavia Spencer, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Greenaway, Phillip Noyce, Bruce Beresford, Julia Ormond, Dominique Sanda, Marco Bellocchio and over 70 screenings, with a significant representation of the whole world cinema industry.

Almost every actor, producer or director and many international stars have been on the stage of the magical and unique location: from Cary Grant to Woody Allen, Charlton Heston and Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Audrey Hepburn and Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth and Burt Lancaster, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson. They have all been guests at the festival as well as Ingrid Bergman, Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Marcello Mastroianni, Federico Fellini, Vittorio De Sica, Pietro Germi and Sergio Leone. In more recent years Robert De Niro, Melanie Griffith, Jessica Lange, Terry Gilliam, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas, Colin Firth and Tom Cruise, among many others, attended the festival.

An International Jury of 5 renowned industry professionals of cinema and culture - with the exception of those who have worked on the production of invited works or those who have interest in their distribution - will award the following prizes for feature films:

- Cariddi d’Oro for Best Film;
- Cariddi d’Argento for Best Director;
- Maschera di Polifemo for Best Actor
- Maschera di Polifemo for Best Actress

The Jury has the discretion to assign a technical Cariddi Award to a remarkable artistic contribution among the following categories: screenplay, music, photography, editing, set design, costumes and special effects.

The possibility of assigning ex-aequo awards is excluded.
Furthermore, movies can not receive more than a prize provided for in Regulation. Exceptionally and in one case only, after consulting the Artistic Director, the Jury may award with Maschera di Polifemo an actor or actress in a movie awarded with Cariddi Award. This derogation can be applied only once.

Producers and distributors of awarded works are committed to place an identifying sign with the mention of awards received and the 66th Taormina Film Fest Logo at the time of participation in other festivals, release in cinemas or in home video supports.


1.1 Taormina 66
International competition limited to a maximum of 20 first or second feature films or documentaries. Works, any genre and target - provided that the duration has to be longer than 60 minutes - can be both experimental or artistic. Only premieres - at least Italian premieres - are eligible for selection, with particular regard to emerging authors, low-budget and independent cinema and works which challenge current productions with innovative and creative purposes.

1.2 Out of competition
Significant feature films or documentaries are presented Out of Competition as premieres - Italian at least - for a maximum of 20 titles. These include works of well-known and emerging authors in whose works narration is linked to original expressive forms or genres, new aesthetic and expressive tendencies.


2.1 Conditions for admission
All works submitted must be of recent production, completed not earlier than 2019 and they can not have been previously presented in any other form or duration, not even as work-in-progress, for previous editions' selection. First or second works' directors are invited to provide information relating to their curriculum vitae according to online submission procedures, for purpose of research and documentation. Under no circumstances works could have been released abroad prior to July 2019 or through on-demand platforms available in Italy.

2.2 Formats allowed
Formats allowed for screening are the following:
• Digital Cinema Package - DCP
• Blu-Ray Disc

2.3 Registration fees
For each work submitted through FilmFreeway a fee of $50 is required. For works submitted after March 15th 2020, the registration fee will be $60 while for those submitted after April 10th 2020 the fee will be $70. In no case this amount will be refunded.

2.4 How to do submission
To be admitted to official selection, not later than May 10th 2020, it is necessary:
a) to fill out the pre-selection form (entry-form) at www.filmfreeway.com;
b) to pay the registration fee;
c) to upload movie file to the streaming service, exclusively via password-protected link which will be indicated at the time of registration;
d) to send a brief information sheet about the director and the film along with useful information (synopsis, cast and crew, director's notes and production context);
e) for films whose nationality is other than italian, it is required to provide a subtitled copy in English language (including films spoken in English language).


3.1 Notification
Selected works receive invitation to participate by May 24th 2020. Notification implies acceptance by all recipients; acceptance is considered ultimate and irrevocable.

3.2 Programme
The invitation must be kept confidential until the programme is officially announced, under penalty of exclusion from selection. General schedule and screening times are the exclusive competence of Taormina Film Fest.

3.3 Copies
Invited works will need to be sent - not later than May 31st 2020 - to a specific server indicated by the festival organization or in downloadable electronic form with password-protected link.
Candidates must send otherwise at their own expense:
· 1 copy in original version with English language subtitles for official and press screenings (including movies spoken in Italian language)
Costs of subtitles are in any case borne by right-holders. They are required to send dialogue lists both in English and original language.

3.4 Catalogue
All materials for the catalogue (synopsis up to 500 characters, cast and crew, director's bio up to 500 characters with portrait, complete director's filmography, movie stills, director's commentary up to 500 characters) must be sent not later than May 31st 2020, with the words "Material for catalogue" and exclusively in electronic format, to the email address taorminafilmfest.rel@vbk.it.

3.5 Press materials
Press materials (press book, movie stills, trailer, etc.) must be sent to the email address taorminafilmfest.rel@vbk.it by June 7th 2020. Promotional material has to include the statement "Official selection 66th TaorminaFilmFest" by specifying "World / International / European / Italian Premiere".

3.6 Official logo
With explicit commitment of righ-holders, any kind of advertisement has to announce participation in 66th TaorminaFilmFest with the official logo arranged. Award-winning films must also indicate the recognition obtained according to the official graphics arranged and provided by the Festival.


4.1 Shipping charges
Shipping charges from place of origin to TaorminaFilmFest office and return (including any costs of transportation from airport to Taormina and all customs duties) are borne by the candidates.

4.2 Addresses
For DCPs candidates have to contact the email address taorminafilmfest@videobank.it in advance to request instructions for shipping. Blu-Ray disks copies as well as all materials sent by courier or post must be sent directly to the Festival address:

c/o Videobank S.p.A.
Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 178
Belpasso (CT), 95032 ITALIA
E-mail taorminafilmfest@videobank.it

Festival is not required to give back works submitted unless they arrive with prepaid return packaging via express delivery service (courier or diplomatic bag). Return requests shall arrive not later than 31st July 2020.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for choosing our short film.

    August 2019
  • Alessio Marzilli

    Probably the best festival experience that I've ever had. The festival week was so inspiring. Our film was screened the third day, but we had the chance to stay for the whole week. You can feel the passion and the dedication in all the workers of the festival. I will come back for sure!

    July 2019
  • Cyrus Neshvad

    Incredible experience, incredible crew with Silvia Bizio who did a great work. The movies shown were top level and on top of all this Taormina is also a beautiful place to visit. I can only recommend.

    July 2019