The Taoba International Youth Film Festival stands as a distinguished initiative dedicated to the propagation of film culture and the meaningful engagement of young audiences. Annually, this event attracts hundreds of enthusiastic participants from various countries. Within the auspices of Taoba, these participants actively immerse themselves in the cinematic experience, participating in stimulating discussions, educational workshops, and insightful masterclasses.

More than mere spectators, these enthusiastic young audience assume the vital role of the festival's jury, actively contributing to the determination of deserving winners. Taoba serves as an entrance point, introducing these emerging minds to a diverse panorama of films, each offering unique perspectives that might otherwise remain unexplored. The festival functions as a catalyst for broadening their horizons and fostering critical thinking about the world they inhabit.

Beyond the confines of a traditional festival, Taoba emerges as an educational platform, leaving a lasting impact on the development of the next generation of creative thinkers and artists. By encouraging exploration, fostering a deeper understanding of the world, and sparking imaginative pursuits, Taoba becomes a transformative force, guiding these emerging talents towards a future filled with creativity and innovation.

The forthcoming 7th edition of the Taoba International Youth Film Festival is scheduled to take place from June 24 to 30, situated in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Short Films - Young Audience Award for Best Short Film
Feature Films - Young Audience Award for Best Feature Film
Best International Feature Film - Taoba Award for Best International Feature Film


1. Agreement to Terms:
These rules and guidelines, collectively referred to as the "Terms," govern the submission of a film, herein referred to as the "Film," to the Taoba International Youth Film Festival (Taoba) via for the 2024 festival edition. Questions regarding these Terms may be directed to the festival's submission email at


1. Representation and Consent:
By submitting a Film to Taoba for festival consideration, hereinafter referred to as the "Applicant," affirms (i) comprehension, acknowledgment, and acceptance of these Terms and (ii) acquisition of consent from all Film Owners, encompassing owners, creators, writers, producers, and/or authorized representatives, essential for Film submission to Taoba.

2. Disqualification and Rejection:
Taoba retains the discretionary right to disqualify or reject any submission, without obligation, based on its sole and absolute determination of the submission not aligning with the festival's best interests or violating these Terms. No refund of submission fees or return of materials shall be issued in such instances.


1. Categories and Requirements:
Films submitted to Taoba must adhere to specific categories outlined by Taoba, with eligibility criteria clearly defined. Films not meeting eligibility requirements for any category shall not be considered.

2. Submission Categories:

Short Films: Fiction films under 50 minutes suitable for ages 13-15.
Feature Films: Fiction works of 50 minutes or more for ages 16-18.
Best International Feature Film: Fiction with a running time of 50 minutes or more, suitable for ages 18 and older.


1. Requirements and Procedure:
All films submitted under these Terms must follow the outlined submission procedure. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. Submission is via FilmFreeway, including completion of registration and payment, and providing an online screener for review by Taoba programming staff.

2. One Version Only:
Taoba will review only one version of the submitted film. Multiple versions may not guarantee review of the newest version, and only the initially received version may be considered.

3. No Obligation to Contact:
Taoba is not obligated to contact the submitting party if rules are not adhered to. Submission fees are non-refundable.


1. Consideration and Selection Process:
Taoba will consider eligible films submitted by the deadline for the 2024 festival edition, with the right to include films at its sole discretion. Selection decisions are final, unreviewable, and provided without obligation for feedback. Taoba will notify selected and non-selected Applicants by the specified date.

2. Auxiliary Programming:
Taoba may consider active submissions for auxiliary programming, beyond festival consideration.

3. Film Delivery:
Applicants with accepted films must deliver them for festival screenings via a provided download link, including separate English subtitle files.


1. Warranties and Indemnity:
Submitting Parties warrant originality, non-infringement, absence of defamation or privacy violation, no ongoing disputes, and the right to submit. Parties indemnify Taoba and its affiliates from claims, losses, costs, or damages arising from the submitted film.

2. Secure Storage:
All films are securely stored by Taoba. Access is restricted to staff for screening and consideration, with no duplication or loaning permitted.


1. Travel and Hospitality:
Taoba provides economy-class flight tickets for directors or lead actors/actresses of feature films and covers bed and breakfast and dinner for a specified period. Short film directors or lead actors/actresses may be invited with limited coverage.


1. Respectful Environment:
Taoba upholds the right to respect, fair treatment, and opposes violence, mistreatment, or harassment. Immediate action will be taken if safety concerns arise.


1. Discretionary Decision-Making:
Taoba reserves the right to make decisions, at its sole discretion, on matters not covered by these regulations.

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