Tag! Queer Shorts Festival brings thought-provoking films about queer and trans experiences to new audiences in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Originally known as the Corvallis Queer Film Festival, we are now a Portland-based program offering screenings, panels, and workshops.

As we transition out of COVID-19 restrictions, our annual festival expects to offer a mix of live and online programs in late February. Tag! occasionally offers special screenings during the rest of the year using material drawn from current and past submissions.

Tag! Queer Shorts Festival is committed to bringing a broader array of queer voices to the screen. If you are a queer- or trans-identifying director or producer who features intersectional identities and complicates the usual narratives around sex, gender, and intimacy, this is the festival for you! We are especially excited to receive innovative work by queer and trans people of color.

Tag! Queer Shorts Festival is a sponsored project of the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon and donations to the festival are tax deductible! Contact us for more information.


Films submitted to Tag! will be considered for the winter 2022 festival, which will be a hybrid live and online event, with the intention of programming as much live content as feasible under health guidelines in place at the time.

Tag! may also consider films submitted to us early in the season for inclusion in special online programming aimed at providing modest financial support for QTBIPOC creators. Filmmakers whose work we hope to use in these online events will be contacted in advance by festival organizers with more information about what participation entails.


Tag! reviews films of all genres and themes provided that they were made by queer or trans filmmakers. In general we favor work that is directed and produced by people whose perspective on the topic they are exploring is informed by their own life experience.

Due to guidelines from our new home venue, Tag! can no longer screen sexually explicit content. We as organizers value well-made, humanizing erotic film with explicit content and would love to have you contact us directly to discuss screening possibilities not officially connected to Tag!. If you are in doubt about whether your film meets our sponsor's content guidelines, please contact the organizers by email and we'll give you an answer.

We appreciate our non-queer allies who make films featuring LGBTQ+ subjects, however this is a festival designed to amplify the creative voices of queer and trans- identifying filmmakers and we request submissions only from individuals who self-identify as queer or trans people.


Submissions will be accepted online only via FilmFreeway and we require projects to include embedded or linked versions of the films. We cannot evaluate physical media.

Please submit only competed work; rough cuts will not be evaluated.

Work that is available for public online viewing (without password protection) or that is in commercial distribution is not eligible for submission, but may be considered for an invited screening; contact festival organizers for details.

Tag! is committed to accessibility for audiences who need text support to enjoy our films, therefore we require ALL films to provide subtitles or closed captions in their original language and in English at the time of submission.

With adequate time we may be able to help arrange the production of captions for a modest fee. Contact silv@tagqsf.org for more information.


In order to support filmmakers who do not have the resources to pay submission fees, we provide a limited number of fee waivers. Please contact the festival at info@tagqsf.org to request fee waivers.

Filmmakers from the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia) may be eligible for discounted fees. Contact the festival at info@tagqsf.org if you wish to request a fee discount.


By submitting your film, you are granting non-exclusive permission for us to exhibit it in one or more festival programs.

Exhibition copies of films accepted for our special online events much be made available by electronic transfer within 14 days of notification. Films accepted for live screenings must arrive at the festival by two weeks before the exhibition date using Google Drive or similar cloud storage/file transfer service. We can accept physical media such as USB drives if necessary. In either case, any costs involved in getting films to the festival are the filmmakers' responsibility.

By submitting a film, you grant the festival permission to use trailers, stills, descriptions, biographies and other submitted materials for the purpose of festival promotion and publicity.

Tag! keeps an archival copy of each festival's full program. Out of respect for the creative property rights these copies will not be re-screened without prior consent of the original submitter or their legal representative.

Submitters bear the sole responsibility to clear all content of work submitted from any and all potential legal claims including, without limitation, claims based on libel, defamation, copyright, or trademark infringement. The festival disavows liability for any such actual or potential legal claims and submitters indemnify the the festival from any and all fees and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, that each of any of them may incur in connection to such claims.


We are pleased to operate the Tag! Queer Shorts Festival with financial and other support from community partners. Opinions expressed by festival organizers and the creators of content screened in festival programming are their own and do not necessarily reflect the view of community partners, sponsors, or venues.

Overall Rating
  • Esra Ozban

    Tag! is welcoming to different forms and expressions for queer cinema. I hope one day I will have a chance to visit it in person. I was glad to have my two very DIY videos to be screened at this special festival.

    April 2021
  • Angel I-Han Teng

    Friendly and passionate staff. Wonderful festival experience!!

    March 2021
  • Lyr Casper

    Truly wonderful people running the festival!! Juan and SILV were so communicative, considerate, and sweet, and it was an honor to screen Rotten Fruit alongside the work of so many talented queer artists. Thank you and I hope to meet you all in person in coming years :)

    March 2021
  • Samuel and JT were absolutely wonderful to work with--diligent in communication, charming to engage with, and passionate about social issues! I was so honoured to speak on a panel this year, and I wish I could have attended in person to meet and hug the many talented filmmakers featured. Congratulations on another successful year!

    March 2021
  • Richard E Haywood

    A great film experience. I would love to attend in person when covid is over.

    February 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Richard, and yes! Meeting everyone in person is the best part!