The TWIST 3-Day Filmmaking Challenge takes place September 30 - October 3rd, 2016 as part of TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival, and is open to any Washington state resident. Teams must register by Friday, September 30th at 9am. Your assignment and FilmFreeway waiver code will be emailed to you at exactly 12pm on the same day.

Presented by Three Dollar Bill Cinema in Partnership with Blanket Fort Films
Sponsored by FilmicPro, Koerner, Smarthouse Creative


• Hosted at 12th Ave Arts, Suite 206 accessible by elevator (1620 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122)
• Review rules, grading rubric, and submission instructions
• Tips & resources for filmmaking on the fly
• Opportunity to register for the challenge in-person

There are two optional Filmmaking Basics classes held September 12-13 & 19-20 (2016) for anyone interested in a review of filmmaking production before the challenge begins. For more information on classes visit

Awards will be announced at TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival Opening Night, October 13, 2016.

Sponsor discounts
Festival Passes, Opening Night tickets, screenings at TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival
Free 1-week camera and sound gear rental from Blanket Fort Films with optional pre- and post-production support from Blanket Fort Films staff.

Official Rules:

Registration & Submission: Register by Friday, September 30th @ 9am at
Content: The film must have content about, or have a connection to, the LGBTQ+ community in some way.
Run Time: Should not exceed 1:30 (one minute and 30 seconds)

Registering teams must be Greater Seattle area or Washington State residents. By registering, you and your team agree to:
1. Allow for internet broadcast of your film by Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Blanket Fort Films
2. Consent to the use of your film in its entirety or in part, for advertising or promotional material
3. Allow for potential placement of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival, and Blanket Fort Film logos at the end of your film for screening or advertising purposes

• Production Value: quality and professionalism of the picture and sound, acting, sets, costumes, and music.
• Aesthetic: cinematography, visual appeal, and artistic motif.
• Story: concept, plot, character development, dialogue, and storyline.
• Originality: creativity and originality demonstrated in the production, aesthetic and story.
• Theme: incorporation of the challenge theme and bonus props/concepts.

Brody Willis
Keith Bacon
Danny Tayara