TILT is the UK's dedicated Aerial Dance, Circus & Physical Theatre Festival. Produced by RoguePlay Theatre, TILT is " A masterclass. in raw, unadulterated athletic art."

TILT is dedicated to the creation and fostering of inclusive aerial dance particularly highlighting marginalised voices and underrepresented women. Creating a more equitable and inclusive dance and circus field for all, TILT aims to create opportunities for artists, and engage audiences both on and offline via hybrid programming, including the TILT Aerial Dance Film Festival.

Films are selected based on challenging the possibilities of what aerial dance and circus can look like in video form. TILT values real stories, challenging content, multicultural, multigenre, and narrative dance and circus films. The TILT team believe in challenging convention and social conditioning, empowering young people, and not being afraid to talk about that which is difficult, be it mental health, sexism, racism, structures of oppression, objectification and any concept that addresses the topic of equality.

TILT is committed to aerial dance and circus on film as an independent art form. TILT welcomes all artists working in aerial dance and/or circus to apply and encourages the representation of all aerial movement forms from across the globe.

TILT Film Festival takes place on Sunday July 16th in the diverse city of Birmingham, UK. Held at West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre in heart of Birmingham's Cultural Quarter, TILT pays screening fees to all selected film makers and awards a cash prize for the Audience Choice Award.

All applicants must apply on www.filmfreeway.com

Audience Choice Award
Prize: £250

Best Female Identifying Director Award
Mental Health Awareness Award
LGBTQ+ Award
Disabled Filmmakers Award

All the above Awards receive an honorary mention and certificate.

Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best International Film

Selected applicants will receive an honourable mention from TILT.
Official TILT laurel
Social Media & Website Feature: promoting filmmaker social media and website links
Complimentary Tickets/Passes (2 per selected filmmaker)

The Audience Choice Award will receive a cash prize of £250

1. The artist must be authorised to submit this film to TILT Aerial Dance Film Festival for consideration and must have read and agreed to all entry requirements. Entrant must be responsible to make the decision to enter this material and guarantee that the presentation will not violate or infringe upon any rights whatsoever (including copyright, trademark, musical or contract right) of any person or entity. Entrant confirms required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.
All rights and permissions for any materials contained within the said entry have been granted and the entrant holds harmless TILT Aerial Dance Film Festival and RoguePlay Theatre from any or all disputes or claims that may arise from these rights and permissions granted.

2. TILT welcomes submissions from filmmakers working in all aerial disciplines within the aerial dance and/or circus film genre, including narrative, experimental and documentary.

3. Submitted films in the Narrative Short and Documentary Short categories can be up to 30 minutes in length.

4. Submitted films in the Feature categories, including Best International Film, should be 30-60 minutes in length.

5. Submitted films in the Award categories should be 0-60 minutes in length.

6. Films submitted in any category over 60 minutes in length will not be accepted.

7. Films cannot be streamed on the internet or an open source for 30 days before the festival opening and 30 days after the festival. Festival screenings are an exception.

8. TILT only accepts submissions through Vimeo, YouTube or an online link that is NOT visible to the public. A secure password protected link may be used. All video links must be downloadable upon acceptance.

9. Applicants must include a written synopsis of the film, short biography of the artist(s) or company, and an artistic statement via FilmFreeway. The applicant should provide TILT with press materials (images, trailers, bio, etc.) as stated in the release section. All images must include a credit; due to copyrights we will not be able to use your images without a credit.

10. For live screening, the applicant must provide a HD digital file, which is a minimum of 1920x1080.

11. Applicants must adhere to the release statement and ensure all copyright and all other legal rights are obtained as well as clearance from any and all actual or potential Third Party Claims

12. Once submitted, a film cannot be withdrawn without special exception, and the application fee will not be refunded. The entrant is responsible for ensuring the film is suitable at selection.