In time-honoured tradition, the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) is organising many diverse activities for the International Thalassaemia Day in 2017. Celebrated on the 8th of May every year, these activities aim to sensitise the decision and policy makers and the health and patient committees at large on thalassaemia: How to prevent, treat and cure in a patient-centred manner.

This year we are delighted to invite participants of all ages and from all countries to participate in the following events:
• Photography contest
• Video challenge and
• Story competition (launched this year for the first time).

The theme of all three competitions this year is:


Let us get an overwhelming number of experiences through stories, videos and photographs. Our target for this year is 2000 pictures, 25 videos and 260 stories.
By sending your photographs, videos and/or stories, you are participating in the long-standing efforts of TIF to spread awareness on thalassaemia. The authenticity and emotion in your photographs, stories and/or videos will highlight the experience of surviving with thalassaemia and reach more and more audiences every day. TIF will use some of this imagery during its non-profit dissemination activities. Click here to see the full terms and conditions of all three TIF’s contests.

Photography Contest
TIF invites participants of all ages and from all countries to join this contest with topics that are relevant to the theme for the International Thalassaemia Day 2017.
Last year, more than 120 patients and families participated in the photography and video competition using their impressive imagery to spread a positive, hopeful, and inspiring message for life with thalassaemia.
Click here to view photographs from our past photography contests:

International Video Challenge 2017
Video challenge is one of TIF’s most powerful projects, aiming to connect thalassaemia patients around the world and encourage them to share important moments and experiences with each other and the world.
See very interesting videos from previous competitions at:

International Story Competition 2017
Engage us with a written story about you or your family to help us see life from your point of view. A single story can constitute a huge pillar of support to others.

Prizes & Awards
As always, the Thalassaemia International Federation rewards participation in the aforementioned activities. This year, TIF grants the following prizes:

For the first winner - $ 500,
For the second winner - $ 300
For the third winner - $ 100

The deadline for the competitions is Tuesday, 23 April 2017.

Participants should upload their submissions to FilmFreeway or send them to, indicating their name, surname, and the title of their photographs, videos and stories in the subject line of the email.
Submissions by post is also an option. The address is or by post at PO Box 28 807, 20 83 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.
For further clarifications or information, please call Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) at 00357 22 319 129 or write us an email at

See below for the Terms and Conditions of these contests.

The prizes granted by Thalassaemia International Federation for this competition are the following:
The first winner - $ 500,
The second winner - $ 300
The third winner - $ 100

Terms and conditions

1. Each participant can take part with a maximum of 10 photographs, videos or stories.
2. All work should be sent to the Thalassaemia International Federation by FilmFreeway, e-mail at (Contact person: Victoria Antoniadou, TIF Educational Scientist) or by post at PO Box 28 807, 20 83 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.
3. The deadline of the contests is 23 April 2017. All late entries will be excluded.
4. All entries should include: (1) the name of the contestant, (2) complete mailing address, (3) phone number, (3) email, and (4) the title of the contest in which they are participating.

5. The videos, photographs and stories will be evaluated by a committee that will be assigned ad hoc by the Thalassaemia International Federation.
6. The first winner will be awarded the prize of $ 500, the second the amount of $ 300 and the third the amount of $ 100. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.
7. Each photograph, video and/or story can only be entered once. Duplicates will be discarded.
8. The photograph, video and/or story must be the sender’s original work.
9. The sender must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all photographs, videos and/or stories entered.
10. Should TIF request source material or proof of permission to use must be made available by the participant.
11. Upon finalisation of the competition, the winning photograph, story and/or video will be used on the cover of our TIF magazine, TIF online gallery, and will feature on one of the month’s newsletters.
12. Participants’ photographs, stories and/or videos of the participants will be displayed at an exhibition as it will be organised during the month of the International Thalassaemia Day. Pictures of this event will be uploaded on TIF’s Social Media and printed material.
13. The participants consent to the necessary processing of their personal data.
14. By entering a photograph, story or video, participants grant TIF the right to reproduce them on the organisation’s electronic and printed communication material i.e., TIF website, TIF Magazine, TIF Newsletter and Social Media. All rightful attribution and all copyrights will be indicated accordingly and at all times.
15. The authors of the stories, photos and/or videos will maintain ownership and will retain full rights to the material that they submit.
16. TIF has the non-exclusive right to modify and adapt all photographs on with good intent (e.g. adding watermark to it, making thumbnail versions of images, etc.). TIF will fully acknowledge authors at all times and places of display.
17. TIF is not to be held responsible for any photograph, story and/or video submitted as one’s own, for which the submitting party is not the owner.
18. TIF does not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced images.

19. TIF takes no responsibility for corrupted or late entries.

20. TIF reserves the right to withhold prizes if the quality of entries falls below the standard required.

For further information or clarifications, please contact Ms Victoria Antoniadou, TIF Educational Scientist by email at or by phone at 003 57 22 319129.

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