TV SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL takes place every single month. At least 4-15 winning screenplays read monthly.

This festival was created as a way to get new teleplay writers out there to the industry. And to help expose the many amazing Web Series that our out there today that need recognition and exposure.

The present and future of the industry is now television. If you look at the TV industry at the turn of the century, you'll see an entirely different medium.

This festival has a guaranteed 4 tier set up for each accepted script. (No matter what all screenplays submitted receive FULL FEEDBACK on their work by industry professionals.)

1st Tier: FULL FEEDBACK on your screenplay (all submissions)

2nd Tier: Accepted scripts (25% on average of submitted entries) get a best scene of their screenplay performed by professional actors and made into a promotional vehicle.
(cut & paste the link here to watch the recent videos:

Then (Tier #3) we will send you a list of questions to answer for our blog interview that will promote you and your film. Then after that (Tier #4) we will set up a podcast interview on our popular ITunes show where will we chat with you about the process of how the film was made.

TV WEB SERIES FESTIVAL occurs every 3 months.

Festivals takes place at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada. And at the LA LIVE Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles.

At least 4-15 winning screenplay readings every single month.

A Web Series Festival occurs 4 times a year in Los Angeles and Toronto using the FEEDBACK format.

Screenplay events happen every single month.

FULL FEEDBACK on your TV Scripts from our committee of Professional TV Writers, TV Production Heads and TV Script Consultants. Get your TV script performed by professional actors at the festival.

SUBMIT your SCREENPLAY or WEB SERIES TODAY! To be eligible for the TV Screenplay Festival events.

Submissions take 3-5 weeks for evaluation.

1. Send in your Web Series (fully produced). It can be a new or old series. We will look at the initial pilot, but you can send in multiple episodes if you choose.and if we like the first episode we'll definitely look at the festival.

2. Send in your original TV PILOT

3. Send in your TV SPEC screenplay of an existing and/or classic television show.

Overall Rating
  • The best bang for my buck I've ever gotten from a film festival! The feedback video was invaluable and the communication and attention they show the ilmmaker is second-to-none. A great venue for promoting your project, with interview, podcast, and website opportunities. I wasn't able to attend in person, so I didn't get to network. So proud to take home a Best Performances award for our series Ratt's Life! Would submit again in a heartbeat.

    August 2022
  • Ed Toolis

    After years of work, that borders on self-torture, It's great to finally get validation. Thanks.

    April 2022
  • David Ash

    Excellent fest that is unique in that selected films receive an edit of videotaped feedback from selected viewers. Very helpful and encouraging, especially during this time when filmmakers do not get many opportunities to screen their work in public. Kudos!

    November 2021
  • ORIGEN LABORATORIO Andrés Arias García

    It is a unique and special Festival. It is gorgeous to see and hear the audience's feedback. It is really "the litmus test" for your project, and the feedback video is useful for the distribution plans. It was an honor to be seen, selected, and winner in your Festival. Truly I recommend it.

    August 2021
  • Great festival, amazing feedback, and a wonderful experience!

    February 2021