TDP’21, Tipperary Dance Platform’s international dance festival brings the best of dance from the world to Tipperary, Ireland. Staging shows, screendance, and numerous other events in several towns.

The festival's screendance programme presents a selection of dance films from around the world. Following an open call, TDP'21 selects artworks that create original forms through the collision between dance and cinema.

The selected films will be included in the TDP'21 screendance programme. Screened in a cinema with digital facilities.

The TDP' annual festival invites audiences to a full week of dance, showcasing the latest works of choreographers and film makers. TDP’ includes live performances, screendance projections, master class programs, symposiums, training/investigation laboratories for dancers and choreographers, classes for the community, exhibitions, and installations.

Set in the dramatic landscape of the Aherlow mountains at the heart of Ireland, Tipperary Dance Platform is characterised by its careful curation, cutting edge programme, and friendly atmosphere: a vibrant festive gathering and the best of Irish hospitality for audiences, participants and artists.

TDP'21 is supported by the Irish Arts Council under the Festival Investment awards scheme, by the Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary County Council, The Source Arts Centre, Dance Ireland, South Tipperary Arts Centre, Tipperary Council Libraries service, and Tig Roy. Accommodation partners: Ballyglass Country House, Tig Roy, Clonmore House B&B.

TDP's screendance event will award one prize:

Best film TDP'21 international dance festival screendance selection: $350

There will be a special audience recognition award.

Through this open call, the TDP' international dance festival invites filmmakers to submit short films (15 minutes or less) in which cinema and dance play an equally important role in the production of an original artistic form.
We are not looking for Music videoclips or the video captures of dance shows.

The selected films will be presented at the TDP'21 screendance programme: a festival screening in a cinema with digital facilities.

By submitting a film, the applicant acknowledges the following:

1. she/he is responsible for and have obtained all necessary and satutory rights and authorisations to distribute and submit the film for screening at the TDP' festival, including for music, soundtracks, and pictures sent for promotion.

2. the TDP' screendance projection is a non-profit event. The festival does not cover an entrance fee from audiences attending the projection.

3. the festival will not be responsible or cover for any copyright or royalties for the presentation of the selected films. The applicant indemnifies the festival against any claim that may arise in relation with copyright, distribution authorisations, or any form of payment, including royalties.

4. extracts and images from the selected films may be used for promotion purposes, free of right or remuneration, as part of the promotion of the TDP' festival.

5. the festival will not pay fees of any kind for the presentation of the submitted film at the TDP' festival.

6. his/her film may be presented as part of TDP' screendance event under the conditions detailed here.

7. applications that do not fulfil all the requirements described in the present conditions and in the application form may not be considered by the selection panel.

8. the nature of the festival Screendance programme is to screen films in HD in a cinema facility. However, the festival may have to present some or all of the films online where necessary to comply with government COVID-19 guidelines/regulations.


1. TDP' screendance is a programme of short films.

2. TDP' broadcasts an annual open call for submission to select participating films. The number of entries for the open call may be limited.

3. TDP' selects artworks from around the world, created through the cross-breeding of dance and the syntax of cinema to create original forms. TDP' showcases films that discuss bodies in motion from an artistically and socially relevant perspective. This can include animation or digital animation films.

4. The video/film and dance media must be combined towards the creation of an original creative production. Films that do not fulfil this criteria (such as filmed performances for example) will not be considered. We do not program music videoclips (films mainly focused on the delivery/promotion of musical production).


1. Films should be submitted through

2. Films should not exceed 15 minutes.

3. The festival's artistic direction will curate the programme. All films will be assessed by a panel who will have the final decision on the list of films included as part of TDP'.

4. A person can submit several films, each one through a separate application.

5. Each film must be properly labelled and include all necessary credits and logos. The festival programme & website will not publish written credits or logos others than the name of the author(s) and producer(s) of the film and the country of origin.

6. If your work is selected, you will be requested to provide the festival with a high quality file of the film in HD resolution, and two high resolution pictures (min. 1000x1000 pixels)

7. After the assessment process, each applicant will receive a personal answer indicating if her/his submission has been selected to be presented as part of the TDP' international dance festival.


Tipperary Dance Platform is a public-funded non-profit dance programme directed by Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi. The TDP' annual international dance festival started in 2010 as part of the Tipperary Dance Platform programme. TDP' aims to be a platform where artists and audiences meet, and an opportunity for artists to present their work onstage, in the studio or in video formats.

Overall Rating
  • Claire Marshall

    Congratulations on such a fantastic festival and for having my film VOID this year.

    October 2021
  • Máire Dee

    We LOVE TDP! To have our film supported and screened meant a great deal. Great festival, we can't recommend it enough.

    September 2020
  • Sebastián Labaronne

    Thanks for the opportunity! See you next year.

    June 2020
  • Lisa Le Lievre

    This is a wonderful dance festival with a high-quality and truly international curation of not just films but live performances, masterclasses and more. Great communication and a warm welcome from the hosts and community. Thank you, Jazmin and Alexandre, for selecting my film and allowing me to be a part of your festival.

    October 2019
  • Evrim Sone

    Thanks, TDP 18 International Dance Festival was amazing:)))

    October 2018