Born with a dream of a collaborative, open, fair and thriving society which embraces diversity and values life on planet in 2008, Sustainable Living Film Festival (SLFF) has spread over many cities in Turkey and became a gathering that gives strength and inspiration to participants to create change in their lives. The Festival is organized for raising awareness for a better understanding of the concept of sustainability and better perception of systemic problems interacting with each other; and contributing to the creation of a new culture by sharing inspirational solutions.

We screen 25-30 feature and short documentaries in total every year. We especially look for holistic view, creative solutions, inspiring story telling and like to see the interconnectedness of ecological, social and economic systems in the films for the official selection. Our aim with the festival is to empower and inspire the audience to create change in their lives, communities, organizations. Films are best tools! Please check our website for official selections from the previous years and see if your film suits the concept.

If the pandemia conditions continue until the festival dates in November, the festival will take place online!